Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time Out

Just finished a back and forth dialogue via emails with an old friend from college. Let's just say that if one was to classify him as not being a fan of Obama, it would be a radical understatement. Now, of course I get a little annoyed when I hear this Obama bashing. No, I don't view Obama as the second coming. In fact, I am not at all pleased with the wanton spending or the bailouts that have occured during the formative months of his administration.

But here is my beef. The conservative element of our country is calling for the guy's head. He's being branded a socialist. He's being accused of taking over the auto industry. He is being castigated for trying to impliment health care for everyone. The campaign promises he made that are not panning out are being categorized as lies. Have we lost sight of the fact that he took over at a time when our country was falling apart around us? Hell, that bailout was set in motion under the previous administration (who's head I take great pleasure in referring to as "the MORON").

I used to be a golf junkie. During lessons, I would often tell my instructer that a particular move or motion didn't feel right. His standard reply was "good, 'cause the old way ain't workin'". What is going on in our country probably doesn't "feel" right to a lot of people, conservative and liberal alike. We are historically, a capitalist society and let's face it, Republicans and Democrats BOTH like to have money. Neither Republicans nor Democrats take a lot of pleasure in forking over that hard earned money to the government. Nobody likes tax increases. Neither side wants our country to become a socialist or communist society (and you conservatives who think the liberals do in fact want socialism, think again. We are for the most part, Democrats... not Socialist or Communists).

The way the Obama administration is taking on our current issues may not feel right to a lot of people. My response to that is "good, 'cause the old way ain't workin'". Blaming the current administration for over spending is rather hypocritical of the right when one considers the money the MORON spent. Money we didn't have. It's a little late to close that barn door.

The so called experts blame our current economic crisis (and it is a crisis) on a lot of technical economic factors. And I agree that they contributed to the current situation. But, it my typical over simplified "common sense" approach to things I submit the following for your consideration.

If you are an average upper middle class American family you enjoy a lifestyle unequaled in many other parts of the world. You are comfortable, with two cars in the garage, a sound roof over your head, plenty to eat and drink. You enjoy extra money for some of life's pleasures. You probably get to vacation. You have hobbies. You enjoy recreation. Life is pretty good. Let's make a parallel between you and the country prior to the election of the MORON.

Now, if you suddenly decided you wanted to live in a 15 million dollar estate and did everything you possibly could to get there what would that look like? Well, first of all you would need to have some SERIOUS borrowing power. Borrowing power that probably doesn't exist for the average guy. But let's assume you somehow got your hands on enough money to get into that 15 million dollar estate. Now you are looking at a pretty substantial mortgage payment. You are also looking at the taxes and maintenance costs associated with a property of that size. It's a lot of dough. You only make between 100 and 200 grand a year. What's going to happen? Your family's economy is going to go into a major meltdown. You will be looking at bankruptcy. It won't be pretty. You will not only lose that 15 million dollar estate, but you will wind up in much worse shape than you were in prior to the dumb decision to get into it in the first place.

Well, when a country decides to spend two billion dollars a month that it doesn't have, why is that any different? When a country decides to invade a foreign nation and absorb the costs associated with the military neccesities and the rebuilding of an infrastructure why is that any different? Of course our economy went into the toilet. We were spending billions of dollars we didn't have. Like I said, the other stuff contributed but come on. I really don't think this is rocket science.

So the current administration inherited what can only be described as a fucking mess. If what they are doing doesn't "feel" right, too bad. Whatever happens, it was all set in motion by the MORON. So to those of you who are so quick to criticize, I can only say shut the fuck up. It took 8 years to get to where we are today. Give the left 8 years to fix it. If it's worse in 2017, THEN you can start yelling. Until then, I'm glad it doesn't feel right. 'Cause the old way wasn't workin'!

I'm off to enjoy one of those vacations I spoke of. During the coming 4th of July celebration, let's take a few moments to think about this great country and what it is supposed to symbolize. Let's forget about Iraq and Afghanistan for a bit. Let's instead think about how we should take care of our own. It never ceases to amaze me that the right doesn't have a problem spending billions on Iraq, but seems to go ballistic at the mere thought of affording some decent housing to a victim of Katrina. Listen, we are all in this together. Maybe if we take care of OURSELVES for awhile, we will get along better and not be in this constant battle for control. Nobody is perfect. Neither the left nor the right has all the answers. But let me point something out (and don't take my word for it... look it up for yourselves). Are you aware that for the past 50 years or more, the economy AND the stock market have both done better under Democratic administrations than they have under Republican administrations (with one... I think.... exception). Why is that? I guess the liberals must be doing something right eh?

I don't have time to proof read this. I have to pack and get ready to get out of here. Hope there aren't any blatant errors that make ME look like the MORON! But I will leave you with this. Money doesn't trickle down. It trickles up. Ponder that until next time.... Enjoy your weekend. Stay safe. Don't drink and drive.


Common Sense


  1. No morons, just puppets with someone else pulling the strings!!! :) Great job Doug

  2. You are a little more reading. This "8 years" stuff is complete bullshit. Bush was no conservative and he spent too much money but he did have to contend with 9/11, building up a homeland security infrastructure, etc... Yes, he blew it by increasing the deficit, so why is TRIPLING it in one year a good thing??? Splain me that, Tonto
    Oh, by the way, the Dems have controlled Congress since the meltdown began.

  3. Just a quick point on this dem congress thing. Look it up. The Republicans had a majority or even split in both the house and senate from 1990 something to 2006 or 7. Do NOT try to blame the meltdown on the Dems. We both had a part in it... but your party is the major contributor..... but we still need to get along....