Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Right Is Wrong

OK, so maybe they aren't wrong about everything. There CAN be too much government in our lives. But they are wrong about a lot. Especially the way they run their party. Frankly I think the Republican Party as we know it is dead meat. Here's why...

They take no accountability for their actions. They were the party in charge when our economy collapsed. Has anybody heard a "mia culpa"? (Did I spell that right?) Instead, all we hear about is how Obama is going to bankrupt us. They blamed Bill Clinton for 9/11 even though he had been out of office for 9 months. But they were all over Obama WEEKS after he took office. I would like to hear some high ranking Republican go public with a "Hey America (sheepish grin) we fucked up!"

They say the dumbest things. Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, even Michael Steele, who we are supposed to take seriously, blurt out these moronic opinions and observations. Limbaugh hoping Obama will fail. Coulter with her ignorant racist rants (she wants Jews to be perfected... and this is an educated woman). Michael Steele proclaiming that the defeat of health care reform will be Obama's "Waterloo". What's scarier is they have an audience. But it's dwindling.

Their radicals are way different than the left's. Lefties march for and demand things like equal rights for gays and lesbians, women, and minorities, termination of unnecessary warfare, health care for everyone, better programs for the poor and down trodden. Righties scream about prayer in schools, evolution vs. creationism, suppressing homosexuality. Is it just me or do they seem to have a rather narrow, discriminatory view of things?

They are hypocrites. After GW the MORON spent money like he printed it himself they are going to chastise the Obama adminstration because they think it's overspending? Really? They condemn homosexuality while members of their own party are being caught "with their pants down" (pun intended) in men's restrooms, sending sexually charged emails to underage aids, and being caught in both homo and heterosexual affairs. They campaign for "christian" ethics and values while conducting themselves as though the poor don't even exist (not to mention the sex stuff above).

They are infantile. I don't know about you but I often immediately think of elementary school when I listen to these guys debate an issue, criticize the left, or verbally try to support a position. They sound like a bunch of whining, angry, ungrateful kids! You want to just walk up and slap the living shit out of them. They also use these absurd points to try to discredit any argument from the left. I was engaged in debate about health care with one of these guys (other topics too but health care was predominant) and he came back wanting to know if drug addicts and alcoholics should be entitled to free drugs and alcohol. Huh? No, just health care.

They seem to think everyone is out to rip them off. Lefties see an obligation to care for the less fortunate. Righties protest "entitlements". Every public service they protest is an "entitlement". But you never hear them referring to police protection as an entitlement. You never hear them referring to road maintenance as an entitlement. You never hear them referring to publicly funded transportation as an entitlement. But feeding the poor? Oh, well THAT'S an entitlement.

This last presidential election was historic for more reasons than the election of our first African American as President. It was historic in that the masses rose up and yelled that they had had enough. If the Republican party wants a future they need to conduct themselves as adults and distance themselves from the radical right. I don't think America is going to put up with that bullshit anymore. Especially now that we, as a nation, see what's possible if we ALL get out and vote. Who on the right has it figured out? Colin Powell that's who. He's come out and stated they need to move more to the center to survive and he got blasted for it by members of his own party. Well, they better stop blasting and start listening. I suspect the left will be calling the shots for a long long time if they don't.

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