Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Right Is More Wrong Than I Thought

I assume you are sitting down. If you have a seat belt handy, buckle it. I recently received a forward of one of those factual fabrication emails from the right that I've discussed in a previous post. This one is a monster. It includes two links. The first to a taped interview from Fred Thompson's radio show. You all remember Fred. He recently ran for President. I'm not sure where his head was during the process though. Was he so arrogant that he felt his tenure on "Law and Order" would make him the second coming of Ronald Reagan? Or was he clueless? Anyway, his campaign proved to be quite ineffectual and he was out of the race pretty quickly.

You can check out the taping here http://fredthompsonshow.com/premiumstream?dispid=320&headerDest=L3BnL2pzcC9tZWRpYS9mbGFzaHdlbGNvbWUuanNwP3BpZD03MzUxJnBsYXlsaXN0PXRydWUmY2hhcnR0eXBlPWNoYXJ0JmNoYXJ0SUQ9MzIwJnBsYXlsaXN0U2l6ZT01 (wow, that's a long link!) It's with a woman named Betsy McCaughey who is the head of some committee and a self proclaimed "patient advocate". She discusses the new health bill. What she says, among other things, is that what will happen if the bill passes is that the elderly and infirm will be REQUIRED to participate in counseling session EVERY FIVE YEARS in which the government will encourage them to .... END THEIR LIFE!!! I'm not making this up. Listen for yourself. She claims they will be encouraged to CUT BACK ON NUTRITION. I'm seriously not making this up. She claims that this is how we will save money. If we KILL OURSELVES we won't be a burden on health care. She even quotes the pages where you can find this dastardly left wing plot to exterminate our elderly. She then openly discusses with a gleefull Fred Thompson how callous this is of the left, to sneak in provisions that will kill off our parents and grandparents to save money.

Also included in the email is a link to the bill (see, the right is pandering to a segment of our society that they assume to be so ignorant that they either won't check or can't read). I of course am not ignorant and can read so I checked it out. You can too... it's here... http://defendyourhealthcare.us/images/BILLS-111hr3200IH.pdf She says it's on page 425 but it actually starts on 424. You tell me. What does it say?

My mother passed away a few years ago due to pancreatic cancer. My mother-in-law passed recently from lung cancer. I have been down this road before. There are a myriad of services available to you for counseling on what your options are. Treatment, hospice care, medications, ensuring comfort, etc. You read the bill. Seems to me what it says is that this "counseling" will be available, just like it is now to people who have insurance, if you have NOT had the counseling within the last 5 years. In other words, only one to a customer within a 5 year period. I see nothing that requires it. I see nothing that encourages you end your life. I see nothing that tells you to cut back on nutriants and hydration. NONE of that. Yet here is this right wing-nut telling us on the radio that if this health bill passes, we will in effect be murdering our patriarchs and matriarchs.

As time goes by, I find myself hating the right more and more. It's stuff like this that sickens me. Why isn't there an email out there that says FAILING to pass this health care bill will result in a widespread resurgance of the black plague and the release of all criminally insane serial killers and rapists currently in custody? Because the left is not composed of ignoramuses that would believe that crap. Apparently the right is. Now that's not to say these people are inherently bad. What's bad is that the right preys on their ignorance and fear in an attempt to win public sentiment and elections.

Another topic which I might cover down the road is the dumbing down of America. Think about it. How big a moron do you need to be to believe that the government is going to encourage your granny to kill herself. Can these people even tie their shoes? Now again, the people aren't bad. But using them as tools is bad. And allowing our educational system to deteriorate to the point that they exist is bad. And having parents that don't care that their children are being raised to be vulnerable to this shit is bad. And the right is bad.

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