Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Somebody Stop Me

I'm on a roll....
But I can't help it! Every time I turn around the right is furnishing me with more fodder. One last thing and then I promise to move on (maybe....)

So yesterday I get an email. It's titled "Here it is: EVERYTHING that is in HR3200, referenced by page". Well, first of all, it isn't everything. But it does list 53 seperate "explanations" of these absolutely horrific ramifications that will jump out and ruin our American way of life should this dastardly plan be passed. But here's the kicker. Along with these "explanations" are the actual page numbers that they can be found on! Wow! Bonus!

So, of course I started to take a look. I must confess, I'm only up to the 18th point. I will categorize my findings in 3 ways. Items that were explained accurately and fairly. Items that were explained sort of accurately but were portrayed as definitively negative when in fact, they might not be bad things at all. And finally, explanations that were TOTAL BULL SHIT!

I'll start with the easy one. Items that were explained accurately and fairly. Grand total.... ZERO. That's right, ZERO. Not one. Nada. ZERO. Of course this begs the question should I even bother with the remaining 35?

There were three items that were sort of accurate but portrayed in a negative way. For example, a business that offers its own benefit package will be forced to open their books to the federal government. Well, what I read is that the federal government will be allowed to review the books of said business to insure their part of the tab is being paid and will continue to be paid. What it will hope to avoid is you going to the doctor, running up a couple of thousand in medical bills, and finding out those benifits you thought you had were gone because your employer is going tits up and couldn't cover their portion of the insurance tab. Yeah I know. Not a bad thing at all is it.

Which of course leaves us with a whopping 15 items that were TOTAL BULL SHIT! That's 83.33 percent that's a total fabrication and 100% that is totally worthless if you want to make your own evaluation of whether the bill is sound or not.

A couple of quick examples (and the bill is readily available online so you can check these out for yourself). The email says that pursuant to page 58 the government will have direct real time access to your personal finances. Well, what page 58 really says is that the government will be able to make a real time determination of your financial responsibility. This happens now people... every time you apply for a loan!

Another example... on page 50 section section 152 it states that health care will be provided to all non US citizens, illegal or otherwise. Well, page 50 says NOTHING like this at all. I mean come on. NOTHING.

So it appears the right has struck again. They throw things around meant to scare the masses like ACORN, and UNIONS, and ILLEGAL ALIENS, and you will have NO CHOICE, and PRIVACY VIOLATIONS. As far as I can tell, none of this is at all true.

Are you as sick of this crap as I am? Well, when you receive these things, look into them. What I do is hit reply all and debunk them right on the spot. You know, I always ask for a response from the sender and I never get one. Either they are too embarassed that they didn't check for themselves, or they are a bigger part of the problem and they know damn right well they are passing bogus information.

On a seperate note, check the link to the right. It concerns a lefty moron (yes, they do exist... just not in abundance)who has filed a lawsuit to tear down a memorial in the Senoran Desert. I signed the petition. I won't go into detail but guys like this should be slapped silly....


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