Saturday, January 23, 2010

There Will Be Expletives

OK, it’s been awhile and I apologize for that. I’ve been busy vacationing, parenting, working, doing the holidays, etc…. But I’m now pissed off enough to make time. As the title states, there will be expletives so if that offends you get out now. Of course, now that I think of it, there usually are expletives so shit, you knew that when you started reading.

First Massachusetts. What the fuck were they thinking? Now I don’t live there. I also don’t know enough about the candidates to really be firm in my stance on this. What I do know is that we, as a country, have the collective memory of a mentally handicapped goldfish. Now I will never expect Republicans as a whole to acknowledge that they got us into this mess. But some of them do. When a guy like Pat Robertson (now there’s a good topic to blog on) is on record stating that THE MORON is a fuck up there has got to be SOME truth to it right? Of course most of them don’t know the meaning of the word accountability but when a guy takes over the country with no deficit and an unemployment rate of around 4 percent and leaves office with a huge deficit and an unemployment rate over 7 percent there was obviously a problem. Throw in the stock market tanking while we watch our 401Ks and college funds going in the toilet and I’d say it was a pretty dismal performance. In fact, I recently sent an email to the guys in that forum I participate in pointing out that unemployment escalated at a greater rate under THE MORON than it has under Obama. He’s put the brakes on. You know those big ships? When traveling at full speed it takes them an amazingly long time to come to a full stop. Depending on the size of the ship and the speed it’s traveling it can take miles! I’ve read estimates that approach 45 minutes! That seems like a lot to me but the point is the United States of America is not a little pleasure craft. It’s a fucking aircraft carrier! People are pissed that unemployment has hit 10 percent but what they fail to notice is that the escalation rate has slowed. And it will soon start to get better.

So what happened in Massachusetts? Here’s my theory. People are sick and tired of the conditions in this country. They want the economy to improve and they want it to happen now. Yeah, unemployment is now at or just over 10%. And they suffer from that goldfish memory thing. People say that Obama isn’t delivering on his promised change. But congress and the senate aren’t exactly cooperating. And the reason they aren’t cooperating is due to the fact that politicians are only marginally concerned with our interests (most of them anyway). What they are REALLY focused on is their ability to get elected or stay in office. So they bull shit you. They are scared that if that promised change backfires they will lose their cushy jobs. So, little gets done and it gets done slowly. Now, watch what happens. If you thought things were moving slowly before you ain’t seen nothing yet. People allowed THE MORON to screw us for eight years. Now they want Obama to heal us in twelve months. So they elected a Republican. People are impatient and far too often … well…. Stupid.

I could go on and on about change and stagnation and ineptitude but I must move on because as pissed off as I am about the lack of movement on health care reform (which is what I’m most focused on and what is so desperately needed in this country) that is not really what motivated me to start writing again. What did was the Supreme Court decision on corporate campaign spending. Let’s throw this new influence into that political mix.

For years, I have been ranting and raving about this. There is no way a corporation can contribute substantial money to a politician’s campaign and not leave that politician beholden to them. If I were king of the world, politicians would be granted a set amount of campaign funds to be equally divided amongst them. Some form of system would need to be in place to establish the candidate’s viability. If you want a proposition to get on a ballot you collect signatures. Perhaps that’s one way. Garner enough signatures and you become a viable primary candidate. Win a primary and you become a viable candidate for office. But all candidates from day one should have equal resources. If they don’t it’s not an election. It’s a marketing campaign. Ron Popeil has made a fortune but do you want him running the country?

Now, the Supreme Court, in their infinite conservative wisdom, have decided that corporations and labor unions should be allowed to pump MORE money into a candidate. I’m sorry, but if this doesn’t piss you off something is wrong. This is the most blatantly partisan decision since the “appointment” of THE MORON to the Presidency! I don’t like absolutes as I believe it’s hard to be one hundred percent sure about anything but I’m absolutely sure this was NOT the vision our founding fathers had in mind. It says “We the people”, not “We the corporate entities”. This is NOT a ruling consistent with the ideals of a democratic republic. This is consistent with a corrupt, manipulative, communist regime. This promotes propaganda as a means to power. This enables big business to buy the favor of our politicians. Corporate America is about financial profit. The lust for profit is far too likely to breed exploitation and it should not be allowed to influence political outcomes. This blatantly screams that we are not in fact run by our government but by the most powerful, cash rich, corporations throughout the country. This should not be tolerated.

I was born in 1955. I remember the protests against the war in Viet Nam. I remember women burning their bras and men burning their draft cards. I remember when “we the people” got off our collective asses and screamed bloody murder when opposed to policy or dated tradition. Well, it’s time. This country needs to send a message that we are fucking fed up. What are YOU doing about it? I have an acquaintance who says he refuses to vote for the “lesser of two evils” so he doesn’t vote. Well, he’s part of the problem. Frankly, I think voting should be a requirement of citizenship. If you don’t want to vote, get the fuck out. You’re not helping us or yourself.

What are YOU doing about it? I’ll say it again… What are YOU doing about it? I’m blogging about it. I’m also calling my Congressman and my Senators. And I’m doing it more and more regularly as I get more and more fed up. The conservatives had their stupid “Tea Baggers” (more like Douche Baggers”) thing going. I think it’s time we started a movement and we should call it “We The People”. Here’s another thing I will guarantee. Corporate money will do nothing for “we the people”. Corporate money will enhance the power and profitability of “them the corporation”.

It’s hard to express how pissed off I am about this. I’m seething. We can make this convenient. To be a member of “We The People” you don’t have to march on Washington. You don’t have to stand on a street corner with a megaphone. You don’t have to circulate literature around your neighborhoods. You don’t have to plan and attend meetings. You don’t even have to contribute money (although every penny counts… especially now…. I try to donate what I can to the candidates and party of my choice). All you have to do is participate. Send a message by promising yourself you will do the necessary research and vote in every election. And CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES when you question policy or procedure. It is easy as hell to do and there are no excuses not to. Almost all of us have cell phones and many of those offer unlimited long distance. Many traditional landline phone plans offer it too. And there are toll free alternatives. And local offices with local numbers (although I like to call Washington… it just feels like it has more impact). But it’s EASY. Just “Google” your representatives and you will get their contact info. It will provide you with phone numbers. It will also allow you to send an email if you prefer to write. And if you are so apathetic that you don’t know who your congressman is (you have one) or your senators are (you have two) you can Google that too. Google US Congressman with your home town. Google US Senators with your home state. You can even Google “how do I find my congressman/senator”. Just do it and contact them. You think it’s bad now? Just wait. I won’t get into whether or not you want to see off-shore drilling but do you want Exxon-Mobile making the decision? What about interest rates? Would you like to see the banking industry having a hand in determining those? Health insurance? You want insurance companies legislating that? How about the AFL-CIO determining wage levels? Although I will say that in my humble opinion pitting unions against corporations is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Who’s got more money? The UAW or Ford? In fact, I’m guessing the five conservative justices included unions to justify the ruling. It’s like saying we’re going to let mining companies AND the Jones family prospect in Yellowstone. Never mind that the Jones family will be digging with table spoons.

Wake up people. If we don’t act, nothing will get done. Think of it this way (I like extreme analogies because it makes even the most narcoleptic audience wake up). If I’m a politician soliciting campaign funds from the banking industry and I promise them I will do everything I possibly can do to decriminalize fraud by that industry are they going to give me money? You bet your ass they will. How much money am I going to get if I promise to do everything I can to put a leash on the bastards and stop them from ripping off the American people? Nada. Is this how you want your future decided? Pick up the fucking phone.


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