Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Wandering Eye of the Tiger…

OK, I just have to comment on this whole Tiger Woods thing. Now, I’m not going to render judgment. We are all human beings subject to our personal faults, foibles, and demons. I heard a great saying once. “I’m a perfect human being. I make mistakes, therefore I am a perfect human being”. We all do it. Some of them are bigger than others but we all make our share of mistakes (although I will say… 13 women? And we may not be done counting! WTF was he thinking?).

What I do want to talk about is how fed up I am with the arrogance of these athletes and celebrities. When Tiger first got busted, he made some lame ass apology and then chided the media for not affording him any privacy. Well, excuse the hell out of us Tiger. I was of the impression that those billion dollars you have banked were a direct result of the public’s interest in you. I don’t think any of those sponsors would be coughing up the big bucks for ME to endorse their products (not yet anyway… but who knows?). I’m not convinced you can have it both ways. If you’re going to garner all that attention, then you can’t shut us out when the going gets tough.

These excessively rich celebrities have gotten a tad out of control don’t you think? They have all this money because we, as consumers, are willing to spend on their movies, their sporting events, and the products they endorse. Without our interest (money) they would be making an average wage. So if we want to know just how many women Tiger is boning I think we have a right to know. We have a right to know if Barry Bonds is juicing. We have a right to know if Tom Cruise is nuts. This right to know is generated by our financing of their multi-million dollar life styles. If they don’t like the negative attention that goes along with the positive attention they should quit and find jobs with a lower profile.

Another thing that’s been bugging me… what’s up with the Escalade smashing into the fire hydrant? If you or I had done that, would there not have been an immediate test for impairment? How did Tiger get out of a breathalyzer? Why did the prosecutor decide there was not enough “evidence” to pursue the issue? Is driving your car into a hydrant, THEN a tree not evidence enough? I don’t think sober people do that! I mean, I can see the hydrant OR the tree… but both? Come on!

It’s our fault. We have allowed this to happen by supporting these industries. Are you going to tell me that Jennifer Anniston has more value to society than the men and women who teach our children? Police officers? Members of the armed forces? Is an athlete who barely maintains the necessary GPA to graduate worth the millions of dollars they will rake in over their careers? Are you telling me Kobe Bryant deserves to be paid more than a soldier on the front lines defending our freedom? There really is something perverse about that. I have no respect for Kobe the person. I respect his ability but is it worth millions?

These people who make their fortunes from our adulation of them, or the industries they work in need to take a long hard look at themselves. Where is the gratitude? I was at a Sonics game once and Brett Boone, the former Mariner was sitting in front of us. We had GREAT seats positioned right on the rail behind the courtside seats (which is of course where he was). Well, at halftime, there was a line extending all the way up to the entrance to the section of people wanting his autograph. He stood there in front of us and signed each and every one of them with a smile on his face. I was chatting with him and mentioned that he was showing some serious class by accommodating all those people. His response was something like “they buy tickets so I see this as part of the gig”. Of course there was later suspicion cast on his use of steroids so he too had his issues. But at least he seemed to “get it”. He wasn’t arrogant.

Frankly, I’m sick of these guys. There are people, GOOD people, starving in our country and arrogant, ungrateful, assholes are living in mansions because they are good at a game or look good in front of a camera. Where is the logic in that? Yeah, I understand. We live in a free market economy so you charge what the market will bear. So it’s really our fault. We cultivated this culture of arrogance and disdain by those we strive to emulate and follow. It’s up to us to stop it. But we won’t. Because we love our leisure time and are constantly looking for ways to fill it. Movies and sports are part of that. But it sucks. And so does Tiger.

This Tiger scandal isn’t just about Tiger and his family. This arrogant SOB’s actions will have a huge ripple effect that emanates outward from Tiger, through his family and friends, the world of golf, corporate America, and ultimately, the fans and CHILDREN who followed his incredible feats on the golf course. Tiger didn’t just let his family down. He spit in the face of America, the place that afforded him this amazing opportunity. His actions will affect the sizes of tournament purses, the ability to obtain sponsors for tournaments, his fellow golf professionals, the revenues of the companies he endorsed, the perceptions of fans towards athletes, and sends a message to the youth of America that it’s OK to act like an asshole. Yeah, we all make mistakes, but this one was HUGE. You know who I really feel sorry for? Tiger’s mother. She must be devastated. I feel sorry for Elin and the kids too. But they will walk away with millions. A mother is attached through blood and emotion for life.

But here’s the real rub. Tiger will be back if he wants to be. And when he comes back he will win again. And society will tolerate it because we always do. I tell my kids that they are going to screw up. And they will be judged in part by those screw ups. But they will be judged even more by how they recover from them. When we screw up, we need to own up to it. We need to apologize. We need to prove through our actions that we are genuinely sorry for what we did and not just for getting caught. We need to use our mistakes as tools that make us better people. It will be interesting to see what Tiger does in the months to come. I read a piece by Jay Mariotti today in which he opines that Tiger will NOT be able to recover from this. I tend to agree. Not because it isn’t possible but because I don’t think Tiger possesses the humility necessary for a recovery from a screw up of this magnitude. Tiger has made himself a target for ridicule. He doesn’t like being a target. But he’d better get used to it.


Common Sense

Monday, November 30, 2009

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

A close friend of mine sent me an interesting article today (thank you Young Tim… even though you ain’t that young anymore…). Yes, it’s an op-ed piece. But it’s written by a gentleman named Paul Krugman. You can read up on Paul here http://topics.nytimes.com/top/opinion/editorialsandoped/oped/columnists/paulkrugman/index.html?inline=nyt-per but among other things he is a Nobel Prize winner in economics. He also has a PhD from MIT. His academic achievements and proof of his overall intelligence are well documented in the brief bio referenced above. In short, he is a brilliant man and I am very proud to say that the article sent by Young Tim validates what I have stated here before. Of course, Dr. Krugman is more articulate and less emotional in his discourse but his message is the same. The Republican Party has degenerated into an immature pack of whining juveniles who will stop at nothing to get their toys back.

Here is a link to the piece in its entirety. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/05/opinion/05krugman.html What Dr. Krugman basically states is that the GOP will utilize lies and deception to regain power. He tells how this is bad for America because they will oppose sound policy just because it comes from the left and a win from the left is a loss to the right (even if it’s a win for America). The tragedy is that it used to be what he refers to as “one of our great political parties”. But its downfall is a direct result of its domination by “radicals”. Where have we heard this before? Why, here of course! I have ranted and raved that the party is imploding from within. I recently stated that although I knew several delusional radical right wingers, I couldn’t think of one that I personally knew on the left side of the fulcrum. I’ve stated point blank that the health care debate is no longer about what’s good for us, but about the right wing desperately fighting Obama in an attempt to discredit HIM, not support what’s good for US. But Dr. Krugman is far more eloquent than I could ever be so read what he says about this and then come back here and we’ll finish up!

OK. Are you back? Good. Then I can continue….

First, let’s talk about immaturity. Frankly, I love it. My favorite saying is that I can do nothing about growing old but I can choose to remain immature forever. I’ve been saying that for a long time but I recently learned that it was attributable to someone of note but I can’t recall who (Oscar Wilde maybe). I don’t want to lay claim to the quote. But I use it regularly. Immaturity keeps me young. And the guys I hang out with tend to be on the immature side. We tease each other about the most juvenile things. “You’re ugly”. “You’re weak”. “You’re stupid”. “Nice car. My grandma had one”. “You have a tiny penis”. It goes on and on, sometimes to the point where an outsider would think we are a bunch of fifth graders. So how can I use immaturity as a club against conservatism you ask? Well let me tell you!

The people I hang with are RESPONSIBLE. If they are in a business meeting with their boss, and the boss wants them to do something that they recognize is good for the company but might not be good for their personal ideology they don’t tell the boss that implementation of that plan will result in the employees developing explosive diarrhea that they will rub all over the bosses office. If one of us faces a personal problem with our children my friends will offer what they consider to be sound advice, not jump up and down chanting “my kids are smarter than yoooour kids” while gloating over their superior child rearing abilities. If one of our dogs dies we aren’t “consoled” with wise cracks like “I didn’t like that leg humpin’ mongrel anyway”. Yes, we are immature. But we are not immature when immaturity would be inappropriate. This is what differentiates us from the GOP.

What else does this article validate? Well, it goes a long way towards bolstering my observation that the most intelligent people I know tend to be Democrats. Dr. Krugman didn’t earn a PhD from MIT by telling his professors that his penis was bigger than their penes (yes, that’s the plural… look it up). Shit, you don’t get into MIT unless you’re smarter than the average Joe. Earning your PhD there must be brutal! Now just to go on record, I don’t know for sure that Dr. Krugman is in fact a democrat. For all I know he might be a conservative who is concerned about how his party has de-evolved. But having read his article I think it’s a safe bet that he’s left of center don’t you?

Now please recognize that I do not, nor have I ever stated that all conservatives are stupid. It’s not true. I will reiterate that I place conservatives into three categories. Those that truly believe that the party’s tenets are better for America and believe it based on fact. I feel they are wrong. I feel they are disillusioned. Possibly misled. But they aren’t stupid. However, it has been my experience that they are “business smart”. They know how to make a buck. They know how to run a business. They do not necessarily know the arts, science, philosophy, etc. But they aren’t stupid.

Then there are the greedy sons of bitches who just want to maximize their own wealth and well being. They don’t give a shit about anyone else, other than those that can contribute to that wealth and well being (other greedy sons of bitches). They don’t really give a shit if other Americans are starving, homeless, or dropping dead for lack of health care. The ends justify the means so as long as the ends includes a continuation of their preferred life style the rest of us can go fuck ourselves.

What’s left is the majority of Republicans. They are the morons. I’ve addressed them before but basically, they have consumed the Kool-Aid and continue to vote against their own best interest. This is where Republicans have historically outflanked Democrats. They have a superior propaganda machine and they are far more willing to lie as long as it gets them what they want. “Death Panels” is the penultimate example. The Republicans are willing to claim their proposed existence and the morons of the party believe it. ‘Nuff said.

This is getting long so let me tell you what about Dr. Krugman most excites me (and to my friends, let me jump ahead of you by stating up front that it isn’t the size of his testicles). What most excites me is that Dr. Krugman earned his PhD and Nobel Prize in economics. It sends a message that not all of those business savvy individuals are on the right side of the political spectrum. And through that message we can all garner hope that the GOP as we know it will continue to destroy itself without any help from the rest of us and that America will still survive because we won’t forfeit our economic wisdom. There will still be people available with the knowledge to guide us in that arena who are also willing to care for ALL of our citizens, not just the rich and powerful. In closing, I know for a fact that Rush, Coulter, Beck, and Hannity do NOT hold a PhD from MIT. But I suspect they hold each others' itty bitty wieners (especially Coulter’s).


Common Sense

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beware The Dreaded Scales of Doom….And the Semi Naked Baristas Too

Some things just amaze me. I was watching the 11:00 news tonight and they were sensationalizing two problems that appear to have absolutely no effect on anyone. It both amused and annoyed the hell out of me. They had devoted two segments of time to nothing. I mean nothing. It fits right in with my post on FOX yesterday. But it wasn’t FOX. It was KOMO News 4. What did they cover you ask? Well let me tell you…

Some consumer advocate reporter guy went to Sea-Tac airport to expose the inaccuracies of the scales used to weigh your baggage. They are apparently regulated by the state Board Of Weights And Measures. The board however says that they are supposed to be notified if any scales show inaccuracies or don’t reset to zero. Plus, any malfunctioning scales should immediately be taken out of service. So of course, I’m expecting to see the uncovering of a huge rip off. As you all know, airlines are charging for checked baggage now. There is a 50 pound limit on each bag and if you go over you pay extra. The fee ranged from 39 bucks (either Northwest or Southwest, I don’t recall) to a whopping 125 bucks charged by those “friendly” skies of United.

So, Consumer Advocate Guy goes to “Chief Scale Guy” at the Board of Weights and Measures. They rig a bag with dumbbells and socks (yeah, dumbbells and socks… and I think a teddy bear… I didn’t get it either) so it weighs 50 pounds. Then Consumer Advocate Guy goes to the airport and starts checking on scales. To everyone’s horror there are a big bunch of scales that don’t reset to zero. These scales are supposed to be reported and taken out of service remember. But shame on the airlines. They haven’t followed procedure and have left those thieving monstrosities in operation. In almost every case, the number they reset to was the difference in the registered weight. In other words, if the scale reset to 1.5 pounds, the bag weighed in at 51.5 pounds. Reset to 2 pounds and the bag weighed in at 52 pounds. In some cases, the scales reset to a negative. But there too, if it reset to -1 pound, the bag weighed in at 49 pounds. You get the picture. It’s like a set up! A huge conspiracy to rip us off even more than the charge of the checked bag fee.

Except it didn’t happen. In fact, Consumer Advocate Guy even stated that there were NO instances where the airline was going to charge. He even tried to goad someone into charging him. The scale reset to 2.5, the bag weighed in at 52.5, and he point blank stated “Uh oh… you’re going to charge me aren’t you”. The ticket agent said “Nah, 52.5 is OK”. It was like watching a poorly scripted comedy skit. WTF is KOMO thinking? Are they ripping a page from the FOX News playbook and trying to inflame the masses with this huge problem of inaccurate measures at the airport? This is news? “Hey everybody! The airlines are putting themselves into a position where they could rip you off…. If they wanted to… but apparently they don’t want to… so they’re not ripping you off”! Is this pathetic or what?

So, on to the next item. There was a coffee stand that operated not far from my son’s high school. My daughter is in middle school now but when she was in elementary, it was right on the way when I dropped her off. It was an independent drive through that sat in a gas station lot. I like independents. They represent the American way. The little guy trying to take down Starbucks a few notches. Plus, I’m boycotting Starbucks since their head honcho Howard Schultz sold our Sonics to a scumbag from Oklahoma City and to no ones amazement they moved the team to Oklahoma City (they’re the Thunder now). Well, it either went under or they sold it because suddenly it became a framework of 2x4’s. But it was there for quite awhile. My wife and I bought quite a few lattes there when we took the kids to school. It operated for years without any apparent problems and no one batted an eye.

Well, it’s back. But it’s changed hands. Ironically, I actually saw it today because I had to attend a meeting at my son’s school and drove right by. It’s now “Knotty Bodies Espresso”. The baristas (one who makes and serves coffee drinks for you non Seattle people… I think we drink more coffee here that the entire population of Columbia) are attractive young women in bikini tops and thongs. Well, the locals are up in arms! The news covered the story and showed the throngs at City Hall threatening to boycott the place and the gas station it sits in. And you guessed it… there are suddenly “permitting problems” that might hamper its operation. They are saying it isn’t even legal to drive through and get coffee! You need to walk through. Funny how the last place didn’t have any permitting problems isn’t it? It’s the same shack with a different exterior in the same location. I guess the last one got lucky and operated illegally for 5 or more years.

But here’s the fun part. When I drove by, there was a guy with a camera who I assumed was taking promo shots for the grand opening or something. Wrong. Some genius had the idea that it would discourage people to frequent the place if there was a threat that their picture might suddenly pop up on the Internet buying coffee from some babe in a bikini. Is this person living in an alternative universe? Shit, I’ve been really laying off the coffee lately but I plan on cruising through the place tomorrow on the off chance that I may become an Internet sensation. I’ll even wave at the camera! I might even wave more than one finger!

So what we have here is a classic example of the media fueling the moronic masses into a frenzy over what isn’t really news at all. The last time I checked public nudity laws didn’t cover bikinis. They covered nudity. Here’s a suggestion. If you don’t want to buy your coffee from a babe in a bikini…. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE PLACE! Oh yeah, they are trying to bolster their case because the gas station, and therefore the bikini babes, sits near a park. Of course the only window to the joint is facing away from the direction of the park. And it’s a little window (even though some wimpy Mama’s boy who likely was wearing a pocket protector referred to it as a “fish bowl”… trust me, it’s not). So of course anyone under the age of 18 who happens to catch a glimpse of these bikini babes is destined to a life of sexual perversion. Why? Because they aren’t at the beach! It’s common knowledge that seeing a bikini babe at the beach is OK but that if you remove the bikini babe from the beach she becomes a Medusa that drives our youth into a life of crime and debauchery. You didn’t know that? Just ask Rush Limbaugh. He’ll explain it to you if he isn’t too wasted on Oxy. This kind of stuff drives me nuts!

Look for me on the Internet. I’ll be holding a quad grande non-fat latte and sporting a “shit eatin’ grin”. Oh, I might have a finger up too.


Common Sense

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beck and FOX and My Friend Ted…

It’s been awhile since I posted but I read two articles yesterday that got me going again. One was on the recent skewerings of Glenn Beck and condemns Jon Stewart, Andy Cobb, and The Onion for making light of his physical problems of late. The other was on FOX news and its ridiculous claim of Fair and Balanced. And then there’s my “friend” who we will call “Ted” to protect his anonymity. This may be too much to go after in one post. But I’m going to try. Let’s start with Beck.

Glenn Beck had some botched hemorrhoid surgery recently and then had to undergo an appendectomy. Jon Stewart did a fairly funny (not hysterical… at least not to me… I’m sure it’s on YouTube) bit on Beck’s internal organs. Andy Cobb (who I guess has become a little bit of a YouTube sensation) did a little video which quotes an erotic fantasy from one of Becks books… that involves him and his sister. And The Onion (always a personal favorite) did a video in which a newscast covers the tragic story titled "Victim in Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck."

Now, the article I read was by some guy named Gary Sussman. I’m really not sure who he is (can anyone enlighten me?). He’s written a lot of articles on TV shows. Stuff like “so and so will be returning to The Edge Of Wetness (see Johnny Carson)” or what programs are improving vs. getting weaker as they age. I’m not sure how this qualifies him but WTF… I’m hardly qualified and I write this shit so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. But Gary, come on. Glenn Beck has placed himself squarely in the sights of liberals, and probably centrists, with his mindless babble. When you do the shit that Glenn Beck does you become a target. If Gary thinks mocking Glenn Beck’s illness is out of line might I suggest he tackle more relevant topics like why George Bush sent thousands of US soldiers to their deaths in Iraq? I’m guessing any one of those brave men or women would trade their medical problems for Beck’s botched hemorrhoid surgery any day. Did you know Glenn Beck has stated he would like to see Michael Moore dead.

Oh, and before I forget… I to need to be fair and balanced. When Beck wrote that piece on sex with his sister, it was not written because he’s a pervert who wants to have sex with his sister. It was apparently written as a means of comparing sex with your sibling to gay marriage. See? He’s not a pervert. He’s an asshole. I say we needle him incessantly about his botched hemorrhoid surgery. How did he get those hemorrhoids in the first place? From his wife?

Now is the Onion piece out of line? I’m not a big fan of anything that makes fun of death or in any way implies someone would be better off dead. There are of course obvious exceptions. Osama Bin Laden immediately comes to mind. Have at it with that bastard. But as a general rule implying someone should be dead is kind of a low blow. But I think Beck opened up that can of worms when he opined about Michael Moore don’t you? The Becks, Limbaughs, Coulters, etc. of this world are fair game as far as I’m concerned. They have brought it on themselves.

With regard to the FOX News piece, the author (an obvious liberal) states a case for why FOX is un-American. And it’s a good case. He claims they make a mockery of the news media by slanting everything to the right. He goes on to say that they set a bad example by demonstrating that the creation of news out of opinion sells. And he’s right. Just listen to any self respecting conservative sing the praises of that horrid network. Do you want to find out if a network is slanted one way or the other? Check the demographics of its viewers. How is it possible that SO many conservatives think FOX is the definitive news source in America while so many liberals do not? Same thing for MSNBC. How can so many liberals think that’s the definitive news source when so many conservatives do not? But here’s the difference. If you ask a liberal what his favorite news station is, you won’t ALWAYS get MSNBC as your answer. But if you ask a conservative... go try it.

Which brings me to Ted (again, not his real name). Ted was a friend of mine from college. He’s a really bright guy. We reconnected via Facebook and I was genuinely glad to hear from him. But as we conversed over time he showed himself to be a VERY radical right wing nut. HIS favorite network was FOX. I asked him once what he thought about Limbaugh and he said something like “I thank God every day for that man”. He referred to our President as “Obiwan” (which I don’t really take issue with as such… I refer to GW as THE MORON… of course GW IS a MORON). Well, we got into it a little and he fucking de-friended me! One day, I wondered why I wasn’t seeing his daily moronic post about some right wing bullshit and when I checked up on him, he wasn’t my friend anymore!

So, in light of that, I am now free to express my utter amazement at how conservative principals can turn a bright successful middle aged man into a fucking dolt! He believed Obama was a socialist. He ranted and raved and spit his filth about the “libtards” and the “sheeple”. He told me what a great guy Karl Rove was. Now to be fair, I wouldn’t be all that crazy about an ultra liberal who was way out there. But where are they? I know a fair amount of ultra conservatives but I honestly can’t think of any truly ultra liberals that I know personally. At least none that I would lable a "conservotard". I’m beginning to think that these right wing-nuts are a bunch of cry babies who are terrified of what amounts to nothing! I think liberal America is FAR more willing to compromise and thereby far more realistic to the reality that TOTAL acceptance of one and only one viewpoint is not good for the country.

Way back when I was a frat boy (yeah I know… sue me). I belonged to a pretty hip frat that liked to party like there was no tomorrow. But we had our share of book worms and wannabe doctors and lawyers etc. When I first pledged I asked one of the older brothers how these guys got in (I was having a hard time understanding why you would want the guy next door bitching at you to turn down the music while you were engaged in the merriment of youth). He told me the frat needed balance. Every brother had his reason for being there and too many partiers or too many ultra serious students wouldn’t be good for the long term health of the fraternity. Ha! Look at that. A twenty year old kid had more wisdom than the collective conscience of the entire far right. Go figure.


Common Sense

Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Would Jesus Do (continued)

So, as I was saying yesterday, I’m a little confused by these Christian bumper stickers. What exactly is up with that? But as I promised… here’s my point.

What I’m REALLY confused about is the dichotomy surrounding the apparent Christian adherence to the Republican Party. Now I understand certain fundamental tenets that would appeal to the average Christian. The rights of the unborn, prayer in school, the preaching of family values (although hypocritical it does seem to be discussed more among conservatives than liberals… at least publicly). But what about feeding the poor? Insuring that everyone is medically cared for? Cleaning up after Katrina? The “golden rule”? Granted, I’m just a casual observer but aren’t these things better addressed by Democrats?

If we examine the general opinion on welfare (feeding the poor), which party seems more supportive? Welfare requires taxes. Plus, I’m sure I don’t have to get into the myriad of emails that circulate about illegal aliens, community activism, and “redistribution of wealth”. And a quick aside on this redistribution of wealth issue. Whenever we see this we assume it’s redistribution from those who have to those who have not. But if you think about it, what do we have now? A twenty five percent tax on a person who makes twenty grand a year is going to hurt that person a lot more than that same tax on a person who makes a million. Now, throw in the tax deductions (which the average person making 20 grand doesn’t have) and suddenly an argument can be made that we are redistributing from the have nots to the haves. Sure, taxes go to things that the rich might not feel like supporting (unless of course they are into that golden rule thing) but they also go into schools, roads, assorted public works, etc. We all benefit from those. So is it fair that the poor shovel twenty five percent of their incomes into this fund while the rich shovel in less? But back to my point. Which party really seems to have a higher desire to actually feed and care for the have nots?

How about health care? We are currently locked in a horrific debate about the pros and cons of a public health care option. I think we all agree that under the current system there are a lot of our own citizens who don’t have access to adequate health care. Which party seems more inclined to give it to them? Shouldn’t a real Christian jump on the chance to do whatever it takes to get insurance and health care to everyone regardless of any perceived imperfections in the proposed system? Should the priority be what is the positive effect on the have nots or what is the negative effect on the haves?

Which party was in power when Katrina destroyed New Orleans? Do we really think the response was adequate? There is another one of “those” emails out there that tries to brush off Katrina by raising comparisons with the democratic response to the mid-west floods. It’s filled with blatant lies. Do the research. I think two or three people died in those floods. The dollar damage was astronomically less than that of Katrina. Many of those victims were able to return to their homes when the waters receded. The mid-west floods were nothing like Katrina.

And let’s talk about that golden rule as it applies to War. War is a necessary evil. I know it and you should too. Sometimes it’s necessary and appropriate. Sometimes it’s not. If we were to poll both parties regarding support for Iraq, which party do you think would be more inclined to approve? And for what? We never found WMDs. It’s been established that Saddam Hussein had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11. Yes, he was a bad man. There are a lot of bad men in the world. And there are a lot who are far worse than Saddam Hussein ever was. If we are inclined to go kick ass based solely on the fact that leaders are “bad men” might I suggest we start in Africa where people are being killed or starving to death if they are lucky enough to avoid a bullet. How did we, as a country, allow our focus to be taken off of Osama Bin Laden and placed on Iraq?

Now, just to show my “centrist” side (and prove I’m not a far left nut job) I fully support our actions in Afghanistan. THAT is where the Taliban was based. Here’s something to ponder. During the debates, Obama took some shit from the right when he said he might support action in Pakistan if we didn’t get the cooperation we needed from that government. He also recognized that our actions in Afghanistan were justified. It was Iraq he had a problem with. Well, I for one agree completely. And I also recognize that by invading Iraq, we were forced to dilute our presence in Afghanistan. I also find it interesting that we are suddenly reading about the Pakistanis killing a few Taliban here and there now when we didn’t before. I used to rant and rave about our so called alliance with this country when they were basically harboring terrorists along their border with Afghanistan. Now the guy who said he would consider action in Pakistan is in charge over here and they suddenly seem willing to do something about that. Amazing isn’t it? I’m hopeful that Obama won’t be swayed by those of us too liberal to see the Taliban as an enemy worth eradicating.

But here’s my point. What would Jesus do? My wife goes to church. I don’t. But she came home a year or so ago with a fascinating story about the sermon. I really don’t remember all the details but the gist was that it seemed to be a little political. She left with the impression that the preacher man was at least asking for more tolerance for the left from the right, and might have even been indicating the left had more going for it! The quote that I remember and which obviously had the most impact on me was “What would Jesus do? He’d FEED THE POOR”. It is the second time in my life that something coming out of a religion made total sense to me. Of course he would feed the poor! In anticipation of the question, the other instance was the response I got to the age old question of if there is a God, why do good people die way before their time? The answer was that maybe they were so good that God decided to call them to their “reward” early. If you believe that there is a reward of sorts waiting for us after we die, then that answer makes sense. I’m certainly hopeful there is something going on after our stint on earth. The thought of “eternal sleep” doesn’t excite me in the least. Hey, I love to sleep. But my love of sleep is based on how great it feels when you wake up!

So when you are contemplating your politics, you might do well to look at ALL aspects of the party line. Do we NEED prayer in school? You can pray at home. Should abortion be legal or illegal? Personally, I’m totally against abortion. I look at a baby and can’t imagine destroying it before it has a chance to see the world. But frankly, I’m far more against imposing my own moral beliefs on someone else. Especially when that someone is biologically equipped to be pregnant and I’m not. I’ll never get an abortion. But I’m not going to tell you what to do either. And how can you be against abortion but support killing people in other countries and being responsible for the deaths of our own brave soldiers for reasons that aren’t clear or may not be present at all?

Before you dig your heels in the sand and proclaim yourself a Republican, ask yourself “What would Jesus do… besides blow them all to hell”? Of course the obvious answer remains “HE’D FEED THE POOR!”

Common Sense

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Would Jesus Do, Besides Blow Them All To Hell…..

Over time, I have seen several Facebook posts proclaiming devotion to Jesus Christ. Now I don’t have a problem with the devotion. I get a little annoyed with the proclamations. It’s not a big deal but something about it strikes me as irritating. I love my Harley. But I don’t put posts on Facebook shouting it to the world and asking for hoots from everyone else who loves theirs. I guess it’s kind of a personal deal. But again, it’s not a major irritant.

Now, on the other hand, there are bumper stickers. I actually wrote a letter to the editor of the now defunct “Eastside Journal” about what I’m about to tee off on. They are far more irritating than the Facebook posts. I think my “favorite” is the one that states “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven”. Basically it says the rest of us are fucked (for the record, I’m a baptized and confirmed Lutheran… but I don’t “practice”, so I don’t know if I’m fucked or not. I like to think I’m not. Why? Because I’m a NICE GUY). Then there is the fish. I thought it was a riot when the Darwin fish came out. You know, the one with little legs and feet? But then, the Christians came out with the Christian fish EATING the Darwin fish. I think it said “survival of the fittest”. That was funny too. At least initially. Then I started mulling over that “turning the other cheek” stuff. I mean that Darwin chomping Christian fish is a little aggressive don’t you think? The Darwin fish wasn’t kicking the shit out of the Christian fish. The Christian fish wasn’t even pictured. The Darwin fish was just minding his own business. Why the hostility?

I had an idea I wish I’d followed up on. Maybe I will some day. If any of you do this and it takes off, I expect royalties. I was going to show the Christian fish eating the Darwin fish. Then put a big ass fish behind the Christian fish humping the shit out of it. Maybe even show a little pecker. Under it I’d put something like “now THIS is survival of the fittest”. I wonder what their answer to that one would be. An even bigger fish gobbling up the whole humping mess?

I saw one once that immediately pissed me off to the point where I was actually trying to catch the guy and give him a ration of shit. I was with my wife and we were on our way to a Sonics game (remember them…. Thanks a lot Howard Schultz you fucking idiot… if you don’t understand, Google Sonics/Howard Schultz). Had to give up the chase or miss the opening tip off. What it said was “My God can beat up your God”. Can you fucking believe it? It’s probably a good thing I didn’t catch the asshole. I mean, that’s taking the religious bumper sticker to a whole new level. Borderline dangerous really. It’s like pasting a sign on your back that says “kick my ass, I’m a douche bag”. Now to be fair, nowhere did it say he was a Christian. But I’m guessing he was because, well, the next paragraph tells you why.

I really need to ask why we don’t see more bumper stickers from other religious groups. I’ve never seen a “Jews Rule” or an “Allah’s ‘the bomb” bumper sticker have you? How about “Say hey Buddha, he ‘da man!” Maybe “Mormons… the other white meat”. Or “Give it up for the LDSs. We’ll hang out on your front porch when no one else will”. How come whenever I see a religious bumper sticker it’s a Christian bumper sticker? Is it what my mother used to call (when I was “acting out”) an attention getting thing? Is it a “neener, neener, neener, I’m a Christian and you’re not” kind of thing? Does anyone know what’s up with these stupid bumper stickers? You know the nice chrome fish you see stuck to the back of cars? Have you ever seen a chrome Star of David?

And please don’t bring up the gay pride stickers or the NASCAR stickers or the “my kid’s an honor student stickers”. Yeah, these can be annoying too. But they aren’t religions. It’s one thing to think Fords are better than Chevys. It’s another thing entirely to say your religion is better than someone else’s. I go to an annual Men’s Weekend with some close friends. We’ve been doing it for around 15 years. All we do is play poker, golf, and eat. It’s definitely a “guys in the cave” type of deal. We have golf shirts made up that say “12th Annual Men’s Weekend (or 13th, or 14th, whatever). One year we did hats too. There are two brothers who sometimes attend. They look a little alike. Both have short cropped hair. On the buff side of thin. Well, imagine them driving to the golf course, side by side, in their little “matchie-poo” golf shirts and golf hats, interacting as brothers are wont to do. Now place them around 30 minutes out of Ocean Shores Washington (very rural) where we do this thing. I can guarantee you there aren’t many democrats out there. Finally, imagine me placing a magnetic bumper sticker on the back of their car that says “Honk if you like gay porn”. Yeah, I did it. Now THAT was FUNNY.

But my point….. I think I’ll make you wait until tomorrow for my point. This post is long enough. Consider the title of the blog your clue and stay tuned!

Common Sense

Monday, October 26, 2009

Health Insurance, the NRA, and the Big Fat Idiot

Haven’t blogged in awhile. Had a big gig on Friday that I felt unprepared for and was focused on that. It turned out to be a great gig and I’m suddenly feeling more prepared for the next one. It appears that what we lack in proficiency (or more accurately, what I lack) we make up for in song selection. The crowd loved us. So I’m back.

I got an email from a conservative friend about insurance company profits. He attached an article that basically said they were some of the lowest out there (5-6%) and of course used that as a means to take apart the argument for reform. I Googled the subject and as usual, you can find whatever you are looking for. I found articles that showed REAL profits as high as 20%! That’s pretty healthy! I think this could be argued ad nauseum. After the economic collapse we should all be painfully aware that stated profits are as much a function of book keeping as they are a function of a company’s health. But does it really matter? Are we talking about profits or health care? If you are looking at it strictly as a business, then profit is the penultimate measurement of success. Personally, I tend to look at it as a means to keep me and my family healthy… or in dire instances… alive!

This is one of the many differences between a liberal and a conservative. The conservative asks how much money is being made. The liberal asks how many lives are being saved or how many people are forced to be uninsured. It’s like the NRA. I had a talk with an NRA representative who called me a week or two ago asking for membership or money. Probably got my name because I used to be a member. I pointed out that I lost interest in them because their arguments were too extreme. I believed we had a right to own guns. But I also believed we had a right to do what we could to make sure the WRONG people didn’t own guns. When I asked why the NRA had such a problem with background checks and waiting periods he told me that when you allow that, you open the door to further regulation up to and including the banning of gun ownership.

Well, it seems that when you talk about a public option with conservatives it immediately opens the door to that being the gateway to socialized medicine. If the conservatives are so certain that the government can’t run a decent health care program they shouldn’t be concerned about socialized medicine. If the public option sucks, people will abandon it in favor of private companies and we will return to the status quo in no time. The only difference will be those that can’t afford private insurance will suddenly have coverage. These people don’t have coverage now so the effect on insurance companies (and their profit, or lack thereof) will be nil. So what ARE we really arguing about?

Like I’ve said before (and will, I’m sure, say again), this argument’s bottom line isn’t really about health care. It’s about control. If a public option becomes available, and it WORKS, then the conservatives have another big problem on their hands. Any “win” for the current administration is a “loss” to conservative America. That’s why “The Big Fat Idiot” is on record stating he hopes the Obama administration is a failure. They are in trouble. America is sick and tired of them. And any “loss” will just further weaken their position.

And speaking of big fat idiots… You need evidence of Rush Limbaugh’s disgusting sub-human ethics? Read about his latest gaff. He latches on to an article about Obama’s thesis that turns out to be false (was labeled satire) and tees off on the guy. Then when informed the article is in fact satire, does he apologize? No. He plays on the fact that satire is only funny if it is based in fact therefore there must be truth to the article in question. This is GREAT news for all of us. Now, every American needs to read “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot” to know the true nature of the guy. It wouldn’t be funny if it wasn’t based on fact. He just completely destroyed any arguments against the book with his ignorant, inflammatory ranting and therefore has rendered himself pointless. We should all write him a thank you note. And tell him to shut the fuck up.


Common Sense

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Space, The Final Frontier...

OK, buckle up! I’m about to show my less than liberal side (I warned you it was in there). Target, that beloved Middle America retailer is under fire for marketing an “Illegal Alien” costume. No, it’s not a migrant worker. It’s a real alien. From another planet. Complete with orange jump suit and green card. You can see it here.


OK, I’m a “touchy feely” guy who fully believes that everyone should be treated fairly and honestly. I give to charities. I pretty much vote the democratic ticket (there are exceptions). And as you know, I have a few problems with the extremely conservative fringe of our society. But I also think that we have a right to a sense of humor. Now if the costume DID portray a migrant worker, I would take issue with that. I mean there are a ton of mean spirited anti-human themes that come to mind that would also prove to be in bad taste. Make the costume a prison outfit to imply illegal aliens are criminals. I’d have a problem with that. Make the costume portray an indigent beggar to imply illegal aliens are a non-productive drain on society. I’d have a problem with that. Make the costume into some exaggerated caricature of a Mexican or South American person to bolster American’s distasteful habit of promulgating stereotypes. I’d have a problem with that. Portraying any ethnic group of people to imply the entire populace of that group is illegal. I’d have a problem with that. But come on! It’s a fucking Star Trek/Lost in Space/Creature From Another Planet type of alien! Lighten up!

I’m sorry but political correctness has been taken too far. The executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles has said the costume is “distasteful, mean-spirited, and ignorant of social stigmas and current debate on immigration reform." Really? I thought it was a clever play on words. You know… a-l-i-e-n? Like someone from another planet? Not someone from another country. I mean is there even a connection here? There are a plethora of books and movies out there that utilize the possibility of life on other planets as their subject matter. When ET wanted to go home, did we envision a tunnel under the US/Mexican border? If we talk about little green men are we suddenly guilty of degrading everyone who isn’t white (or any other color for that matter)? If Target decides to market a LEGAL alien costume portraying a little green man are we going to hear from the executive director of the Coalition for Humane Extra Terrestrial Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles? Hey, we can’t be too careful. We may have visitors here among us who would find that offensive. What if they aren’t green? They could be blue, pink, azure… we don’t know! It’s horrifying to think we might offend some guy named Zxplatralo from the Andromeda Galaxy.

We have Americans dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have Americans living in trailers outside of New Orleans. We have Americans who have lost 30-50% of their life savings due to the tanked economy. We have Americans who don’t know where their next meal might be coming from. There’s the threat of a Swine Flu epidemic. Our jobs are being shipped overseas and down south. Corporations are revealing themselves to be con-artists. I could go on and on. Don’t we have more important things to concern ourselves with? This is a Halloween costume we are talking about people. An argument can be made that many of them are offensive by nature. The nurse in the skimpy outfit. The Native American in stereotypical garb. The hobo. People might take offense to an “army guy” (they kill), a cop (they deserve more respect), an axe murderer (too violent). If we live our lives in a manner that will not be offensive to anyone, well, we might as well stay at home with our hands tied behind our backs because there is someone out there who will find almost anything offensive.

So get real. If you want to go after someone, go after hate groups, or religious fanatics who show zero tolerance for those who think differently than they do, or Bernie Madoff. Don’t waste your time, or more importantly, OUR time with shit like this. There really are things far more important, and valid, to worry about. Now excuse me, I have a costume party to prepare for. This year I’m going as Rush Limbaugh. Talk about offensive!

Oh, and by the way. My apologies to anyone affiliated with "Family Ties". In my last blog I connected Kirk Cameron with them. It was pointed out to me that he was on "Growing Pains". My bad.


Common Sense

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And God Said, "Go out and be morons... and vote Republican"

I’m starting to sound like a broken record. But I can’t help myself. There is just too much fodder out there and I can’t lay off! Let me touch on two that really punched my buttons.

The first one is a doozy. The Conservative Bible Project. Heard of it? See the title of this blog post? It's coming soon to a Bible near you. This group of right wing lunatics have taken it upon themselves to rewrite the Bible. Yes, that Bible. The one that has apparently been subjected to an incredible amount of “liberal bias” in its historical translations. These people want to do things like “provide a strong framework that provides a thought for thought translation without corruption of liberal bias” (no, I’m not making this up). “Avoid unisex ‘gender inclusive’ language” which they feel somehow “emasculates” the writings (I swear, I’m not making this up). Express “free market “parables explaining the many economic parables and their full free market meanings” (please believe me when I say I’m not making this up). “Utilize powerful conservative terms as they develop”. Apparently “defective translations” use the word comrade three times more often than the word volunteer (I was unaware they had the same meaning. Isn’t a comrade a friend or companion while a volunteer is someone who willfully agrees to do something? I know you think I’m making this up… I’m not). This is a good one…. “Prefer conciseness over Liberal Wordiness” (Conciseness? What have I been telling you?... haven’t I stated that there are a lot of conservative morons out there? This seems to validate it…. Don’t want too many WORDS in the Bible. Might confuse the idiots. Did I mention I’m not making this up?). How’s this? “Exclude Later-Inserted Liberal Passages: excluding the later-inserted liberal passages that are not authentic, such as the adulteress story” (now they have us here… apparently there are Biblical Scholars out there that do in fact believe this was added after the original. It’s in the Gospel of John by the way. And they think it was added sometime in the 12th century! Oh, those medieval liberals. Even THEN they were making trouble!).

By the way, all those clumsily worded sentences up there are theirs, not mine. Yes, I know… their writing technique is a little fractured. Just the people we want editing a text that’s been around for close to 2000 years. “And on day one, God lit it up… the world that is… in a concise, conservative, masculine way”. Has a nice ring to it.

Now, I have to ask, isn’t the Bible a pretty conservative text as is? I mean, I’ve NEVER seen a photo of the Pope “getting down with his good thang”, have you? It’s one thing to take a liberal or conservative interpretation home with you. But to rewrite the book? Is the Bible really viewed as a manual for liberal living by these dolts? Does this mean that they can just rewrite anything they take issue with? Are they completely detached from reality? Are they saying they have been using this book as a blueprint for their lives and all this time it’s been wrong? Just to be clear, I don’t like the verbiage of “Gone With The Wind” so it’s perfectly OK if I form some kind of “dim bulb” society and rewrite it in comic book form? Can they even do that with the Bible? Isn’t it some kind of sacred text? Is it copywrited? When these nut cases are done will they go after the Talmud and the Koran? And just to prove I’m not making this up (and I’m not) here’s a link. Check it out for yourselves. This is what you get when you vote Republican.


Here’s the next thing for today. Have you heard of the “American Family Association”? I think they are just barely above the Ku Klux Klan on the tolerance scale. You can check them out here….


See the big morphing banner at the top of the page? If you watch it long enough it will ask you to sign the pledge to boycott Pepsi products. Why? Because they support the homosexual agenda (I told you they were near the KKK in tolerance). This is another thing you get when you vote Republican. Just peruse the website and it’s numerous references to “Obamacare” , mudslinging at the Nobel win, the argument for prayer in schools, etc. Wing-nuts. They’re everywhere.

So, what can we do about these wing-nuts. If you have ever tried to carry on an intelligent debate with one you are very much aware that there really isn’t much we can do at all. It’s like talking to a wall. If you even hint at anything of substance they revert to robotic talking points that are unrelated to the topic and make very little sense. Take Kirk Cameron of “Family Ties” fame. He’s on a mission to get the public schools to teach creationism. Evolution is just plain wrong. Darwin had no idea what he was talking about and fossils are just a couple of thousand years old. His arguments are very compelling… if you are a moron. Google him and be amazed. But getting back to what we can do… These web pages don’t offer a “contact us” drop down. I’m guessing it’s because they have been FLOODED with declarations of just how stupid they really are and can’t take it anymore. But I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to try to buy “Pepsico”. It’s not just Pepsi they own you know. They do Tropicana, Quaker Oats, and a myriad of other products. Surely something to please everyone. So I’m asking a favor. Go out and buy as much Pepsico product as you can afford. Maybe if these dimwits see a reverse effect to their efforts they will go away quietly.

And then ignore them.


Common Sense

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm Mad as Hell.......

Wow. The Nobel Peace Prize. Where did that come from? Out of the blue, the President, OUR President, gets the Nobel Peace Prize. And here’s the sad thing. The denizens of the right immediately come out and denigrate the honor as proof of our president’s anti American policies. It makes me want to puke. Seriously. How much more disgusting can it get than this. Wouldn’t you think America… ALL of America… would rally around an honor like this? Wouldn’t you think it might instill SOME sense of national pride?

But no. The assholes on the far right have to piss on it. When 9/11 happened everyone rallied around THE MORON. Turned out to be a big fucking mistake but we did it never the less. But when something GOOD happens, the far right has to immediately discredit it. The President of the United States is, after all, the President of the United States! Not the President of the Democratic Party. Whether you like him or not, he is the leader of the country. And as citizens of that country shouldn’t we all take a moment to reflect on just one more thing that makes our country great? Think about it. When the MORON was in power we had become one of the most despised nations on earth. At the very least, our popularity took a HUGE hit don’t you think? People all over the world recognized the fact that we were being led by a functional illiterate and had basically entered a period of “fuck the world, we’re going to do whatever we want”. Then, less than ten months later, our leader is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! What a turn around!

You would think the Democratic Party chooses the recipient of this honor the way these worthless piles of shit are reacting. These right wing monstrosities are nothing less than treasonous bastards. If you are a true patriot, you take pride in the accomplishments of the country. The Nobel Peace Prize may be awarded to an individual, but this particular individual represents so much of what is great about America. From modest roots a man studies hard, works hard, busts his ass. And he does it all without ever thinking he might be President of the United States. I mean those of us who went to college, raise your hand if you knew anybody whose goal was to become President of the United States? Better yet, a black man with that goal. It was unthinkable really. There is no way he could have known. He lifted himself by his own boot straps to become a man qualified to teach constitutional law, the only reward being pride, knowledge, and perhaps the benefit of a decent income. Then the unthinkable happens. He gets into politics and in the blink of an eye he’s the leader of the free world. Whether you like him or not, agree with him or not, it’s an amazing story. And it happened here, in America. We should, as a nation, be proud as hell!

Just chalk it up as another reason to despise the right. These ignorant, narrow minded, dicks can’t even rally around this. There is NOTHING Obama, or the liberal arm of America, can do that will garner praise from these sons of bitches. If a liberal found a cure for cancer these people would find a way to discredit him. The only way they will ever be satisfied is if we all just give up and accept their ideology unconditionally. And they have the unmitigated gall to link Barack Obama to Communism? They make references to Hitler? Fascists? Isn’t this refusal to accept anything other than your own vision what makes the Hitlers of the world? The refusal to allow debate? The refusal to reach compromise? The refusal to accept people for what they are, whether black, white, gay, straight, REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT? These right wing assholes are a cancer on society (gee, am I getting pissed or what?). What do we do? What CAN we do? The only thing we really can do is vote. And vote in mass. Vote these people out of office. Maybe a little less “voice of reason” and a little more “punch Rush Limbaugh’s fat fucking face” would be appropriate?

Peace (my ass),

Common Sense

Thursday, October 8, 2009

More on... "Those Lying Sacks Of Shit"

Wow! My last blog got some immediate attention. I started to write answers to each and realized it would be more efficient to just blog again!

Thanks to “The Collector” who pointed out that both McCain and Chuck Hagel were quick to jump out in condemnation of the ad in question. I appreciate the fact that they are both willing to lay it on the line at the risk of angering the more militant in their party. McCain, I’m sure, would always come out in the defense of fellow veterans who served honorably. I don’t know if I have mentioned this or not but John McCain very well might have gotten my vote. In fact, during the primaries he was probably my #2 choice behind Hillary (again, I’m not as liberal as you think). He weakened during the debates (especially when he insisted he knew how to get Bin Laden… I mean WTF? Was he keeping it a secret or holding it hostage until he became elected?) but his choice of Sarah Palin sank it for him. That was a horrible decision that eliminated him from contention in my mind. I’ve also always had a degree of respect for Chuck Hagel. He has demonstrated complete willingness to speak his mind and vote his conscience. The Republican Party would have done themselves a huge favor if they had paid more attention to his condemnations of the conflict in Iraq. Certainly the families of those killed wish he's been listened to more closely.

RW states that nobody put up Cleland’s photo alongside Bin Laden and Hussein. I watched the ad and RW is right. But RW is also full of shit. The obvious intent of the ad was to ASSOCIATE Cleland with the images of “Binny” and Saddam. The ad LEADS with images of “Binny” and Saddam. Any praise Saxby made of Cleland’s service was after the damage had already been done. Besides, Saxby has come out in defense of that ad after the fact as well so any “praise” he may have showered on Cleland is moot. And no, there is nothing wrong with listing a voting record. And I will scream about this on both sides of the fence. If you are going to show a record, show it all. Yes, the Dems do it too and I don’t like it. But the topic wasn’t whether or not to show voting records as much as it was associating a candidates image with terrorists and dictators. The ad certainly didn’t point out that Max Cleland voted in FAVOR of granting THE MORON the power to invade Iraq did it? So it was an incomplete picture.

Presiditioned said I should do a little research before I start spouting. He points me to an article in the “National Review” (certainly among my first choices when it comes to non-partisan publications… he said… tongue in cheek…) in which the author paints Cleland as a “liberal victim”. It’s an editorial. What a surprise… a conservative editor of a conservative periodical sees nothing wrong with an attack on a liberal candidate. Golly, I’m shocked. That's not research. That's desperate fishing for like minded people who share your opinions. Don’t send me links to crap. I don’t quote the “Huffington Post” and don’t want to hear garbage from the right side's equally partisan toilet paper rags.

This “below the belt” politicking is really pretty reprehensible regardless of whether it comes from the left or the right. The reality, and a major source of my “anti-right” stance, is that so much more of it comes from the right. I have thrown out the challenge before and probably will again. Show me an email painting John McCain as a war crazed neo Nazi maniac. Show me an email that implies Sarah Palin was an Anchorage prostitute before she got into politics. Show me an email that claims Ann Coulter is a communist operative whose mission is to disrupt the flow of democracy. They aren’t out there. But if I ask you to show me an email that says Obama is a Muslim…..


Common Sense

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Those Lying Sacks of Shit.....

I have taken some grief from my conservative friends for being too liberal. I am not. What I am is “anti-right”. Big difference. There are a myriad of tests and quizzes you can take online that place you in a category on the political spectrum. I recommend them because they are fun, and they help you to see yourself in what might be a new light. Every test I have taken puts me in the “centrist” category. Now, it also puts me on the left side (sometimes the left edge) of Centrist. So I certainly lean in that direction. But this assumption that I am a radical lefty is erroneous. I believe that radicals on either side of the political fence are at best, blind to reality and at worst, on the insane side of the sanity spectrum.

There is currently an ad being run by “Move On”, a somewhat radical organization of democrats that I believe rose out of the furor caused by the Bush administration. They are running a series of ads against targeted Republicans. One of these Republicans is Dave Reichert, a senator from Washington where I live. It claims that Mr. Reichert accepted over $100,000 dollars in special interest money (health Insurers) and then voted with those special interests against health care reform. I looked into Mr. Reichert’s campaign finances and was unable to find over $100,000 of those dollars. I did find approximately $40-50,000.

Now, I won’t crucify Mr. Reichert (yet) for accepting that money. I might crucify him if it influences his voting record though (and I'm still looking into that). And I will crucify Move On if they intentionally fabricated, or in some other way “creatively enhanced” the dollar amount to justify their rants. Blatant lying for the purpose of forwarding a political agenda should be illegal. It is beyond me why we allow politicians and the parties they belong to to get away with it.

Which leads me to my real rant. Once again, the political right has been exposed as the despicable, rotten, lying, immoral, scum bags (for lack of a better term) that they are. Max Cleland’s book, "The HEart Of A Patriot" has been getting some press over the last few days. Max was a Senator from the state of Georgia. He lost his seat in 2002 to his Republican challenger Saxby Chambliss. As he puts it, the “Karl Rove political machine” ran a smear campaign putting his picture up next to Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Called him unpatriotic. Listed his voting record on Homeland Security. But here’s the rub. Max voted in favor of THE MORON being able to put us into Iraq. Max is also a Viet Nam veteran who lost his right arm and both legs to a grenade explosion. He enlisted to go serve his country. Was NOT drafted. When he got home and fought through his post traumatic stress, he decided public service was the way to go. There is an interview with him on NPR here...


Throw this in with the Swift Boat campaign against Kerry. How anyone with any moral character can stand with a party that would intentionally call into question the patriotism of an honorable war veteran is beyond me. Showing his picture with the two most notorious “villains” at the time is just fucking heinous. The entire party should be ashamed of themselves. I didn’t care for John McCain. I especially didn’t care for him after he picked that bimbo as his running mate. But I would never, under any circumstances, question his patriotism or he dedication to this country. Why? Because I’m not a despicable, rotten, lying, immoral, scum bag.


Common Sense

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Real Deal

Last night I watched President Obama’s appearance on Letterman’s show (isn’t TIVO and DVR technology wonderful?). I observed a few things. First of all, the guy has a good sense of humor. And he’s a good sport. And in my opinion, he’s the real deal.

For around 25 years, I made my living in credit and collections. And there were certain elements of the job I was quite good at. One of them was the ability to make judgments about a person’s character after a brief encounter on the telephone. I excelled at this. And it was an important part of the process. In the beginning, much of my review hinged on that ability. I needed to make phone calls and insure people would make good on their contractual agreements and how much flexibility was offered was very much based on my gut feelings of whether or not they were telling me the truth. As I progressed into supervision and management, I still needed to make those decisions for those customers who insisted on “talking to a manager”. Now nobody bats 1000 and I’m sure I blew a few calls, but frankly, I can’t remember any big ones. I can, on the other hand, remember many times when I had it right.

And that ability continues to serve me well now. I’m a landlord. I need to make similar decisions when it comes to accepting tenants and occasionally accepting “terms” on how they will get their rent paid. To date, I have been paid every dime owed to me in rent and not every tenant has had what you would call an exemplary credit score. I’ve even let them slide beyond what some would consider reasonable delays. But in the time it takes to show an apartment I already have a pretty good idea whether or not they will pay their rent. I don’t approve or deny an application to rent based solely on credit. I believe everyone needs a place to live and I try to afford that. Of course I don’t want to do it at my expense. Call it a sixth sense if you will. Or, as I often refer to it, my “spider senses” (any Spider Man fans out there?).

So I listened to our President talk about the economy, healthcare, Iraq, Afghanistan, his family, the job of being president, etc., and not once did my spider senses start “tingling”. What I heard, or better yet, what I felt, was that this guy is the real deal. He’s intelligent. He’s articulate. And he cares about America. Does he have all the answers? I doubt it. Who does? Is he better than the last guy? You bet your ass he is (but you or I likely would be too). Is he a liar? Well, he's a politician. Unfortunately I don't think we can completely trust any of them. But is he a liar by nature? No, he's not.

So how come the radical right tries to paint him as a liar? I have a friend who seems to enjoy referring to him as the “liar in chief”. Why is that? I’ll tell you why. They do it because they have to. If this guy is telling the truth, wouldn’t that make the right a pack of liars? I mean they have fought this guy tooth and nail every step of the way. They better hope he’s lying. If he’s not, boy are they going to look stupid. Or has that already happened?

Look, we live in a two party system. I get it. I suppose on some level, everyone has a right to fight for their own best interests. But where it becomes despicable is when they do it with total disregard for the interests of others. I like to use the example of taxes. If you made $20,000 a year and Uncle Sam came in and took 50% of it that would be a huge hit to you. You aren’t going to be living an affluent life style at 20 grand, let alone 10 grand. But if you make $6 million a year and the government takes 50%, you are still left with $3 million. Hardly a pauper’s income. And no, I’m not suggesting a 50% tax on the rich (although it would be nice to see them get screwed for a change). I use those figures for illustrative purposes only. The right has perfected the science of getting people to vote against their own best interests. A perfect example is the “Einstein” who stood up at a town hall meeting and screamed “Keep the government out of my Medicare”. How can someone so dumb, be so passionate, if not whipped into a frenzy by the mighty right wing propaganda machine?

So let the right keep slinging mud. Let them talk about their “death panels” and “lack of choice” and “government takeover of health care”. Let them rant about socialism and communism. I truly believe that what they are doing is revealing themselves to be selfish, lying, infantile, dullards that will bring their own party to it’s knees, without any help from the rest of us.

Common Sense

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Me and Mr. Johnson

I believe we are all prejudiced to a degree. If you look at a black man, and see a black man instead of a man that happens to be black you have some degree of bigotry. It’s a nuance but a valid one. We just have not evolved to the point where we don’t SEE color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc., and at some base level allow it to formulate some conscious manifestation. Those of us who are strong enough, educated enough, sane enough, mature enough, caring enough, kind enough, fight these base considerations off and keep them out of our rational decision making process. Those of us who aren’t, are Neo Nazis, sexists, racists, homophobes, etc. But we still live in a society where all these forms of prejudice exist. It is better now than it was when our parents were at their prime. And I suspect it will improve from generation to generation. But for now, it’s there.

Today we are going to talk a little about homophobia as it applies to personal space and etiquette in a men’s restroom and locker room. Now I don’t know anything at all about women’s etiquette. Judging from the herding behavior that seems prevalent when they visit the restroom I don’t think I want to know. I’m assuming these rules and guidelines don’t apply. But guys, for crying out loud, get a clue. In 54 years not once has a man looked at me and asked “Do you want to go to the men’s room”? There is a reason for that. It’s the underlying homophobia in all of us.

For example, if you walk into a rest room to whiz, and there are a row of empty urinals, you DON’T pick the one right next to the lone guy who’s already tending to business. You need at LEAST one urinal of separation between you and that other guy. Preferably more if it’s available. That’s the law. It is a definitive breach of urinal etiquette to sashay up to an adjoining urinal and whip it out. It is a MAJOR breach to strike up a conversation. Unless you have known someone for at least a year chit chat at the pisser is forbidden. No one wants to talk to you when they are taking a leak and no one should want to talk to you while you yourself are leaking.

I rode to Sturgis with my wife and a friend in 2008. Great trip. But our stop at Mt. Rushmore was ruined for me by some maniac in the men’s room. It was like he was out to violate every urinal rule in existence. First he takes the spot right next to me. You know you always feel a little uncomfortable when a guy has options but heads straight to the urinal immediately adjoining yours. Then the SOB decides to strike up a conversation. I’ve already stated this is taboo. I mean, it’s hard enough to pee in front of some stranger. We’ve all experienced an advanced form of this at major sports stadiums. You’re standing at what I call “the trough”. You have no choice but to be shoulder to shoulder. There is a line waiting behind you. The pressure is enormous! “Oh God, let me pee… everybody is waiting… guys are coming and going next to me…everyone is wondering what my problem is… etc….”. Shit, I’ve had occasions where I’ve PRETENDED to finish up, shake it off, and slink out with the intention of coming back when all these people are gone. Of course that opens the door to “everyone must be thinking what a pain in the ass… I had to wait for this guy and he didn’t even pee” scenario. This is why so many men head straight to the shitters in these circumstances. They want some privacy. So anyway, this guy (who happens to be in his late ‘70’s or early 80’s which makes his next move even worse) is two for two. He’s right next to me. He’s talking to me. But then he hits the grand slam. Out of the corner of my eye (and I swear I’m not making this up) I see him start stroking his sacred salami like he was at home with a Hustler magazine! OMG, how the hell do you deal with that! I mean give me a fucking break! So of course I’m standing there doing the “oh God, let me pee” thing. Now I can only assume when you hit your late 70’s or early 80’s you need a little help getting the flow started. But Jesus Christ! If ever there was a guy who should take it to the shitter this was him. Well, he finishes up and keeps chatting! I haven’t dripped a drop! But I stood firm until he left. How long could it be right? And I knew he’d leave soon. No one else was in there and I really had to go. He left and I let it fly and got the hell out of there, traumatized to the point where to this day, I have no idea what the fuck he was talking about.

But what brought this subject up was an experience I had yesterday at the local YMCA where I work out. It was a light workout. Thirty five minutes on an elliptical machine then off to the shower. Should have been an easy deal with no incidents. But while in the locker room changing into my workout clothes this guy comes out of the shower and into my row of lockers. Now I kind of know this guy. We see each other there often enough to acknowledge each others presence through friendly conversation. He’s a nice guy. And he’s a talker. I mean yackity yack talker. Which is fine, as long as he’s not standing within three feet of me offering full frontal nudity with not even the slightest semblance of modesty. He’s standing up, I’m sitting down… it was ugly. This is taboo behavior for several reasons. First I should say that I am not blatantly homophobic. I have had very close friendships with gay men and not once has one of them come on to me. One has passed on and I miss him dearly. I believe in gay marriage. But in a sense, I suppose I’ve always viewed it as being analogous to befriending a woman, without tits, who likes football…. But, nothing brings out the subverted homophobic sirens in your head more than some guy waving his Willie in your face. You fight like hell not to look. If you do, he may think you want to. Of course, he may think you’re a homophobic asshole if you don’t. This is a lose lose situation and it is tremendously discourteous to wave your wanker at someone while engaged in conversation. Now I’m no prude. Just ask my family. I sleep in the buff. I’ll even walk around the upstairs of our house in the buff. Occasionally, I’ll venture downstairs in the buff. But I don’t converse in close quarters with my neighbors offering a square straight up shot of Mr. Johnson while standing within two feet of them!

OK, so as if I’m not uncomfortable enough, this very nice guy, who I have no problem chatting with, but who is making me very uncomfortable with his free spirited “I dare you to look” laissez faire attitude regarding his tube snake… this guy has the unmitigated gall to grab a handful of talcum powder and start rubbing it all over his crotch like flea powder on a dog! I mean COME ON DUDE. WTF? Was he trying to make me pass out?

So, if you must strike up a conversation in a locker room and Dick, the one eyed trouser trout is enjoying some fresh air, turn aside. Wrap a towel around your waist. Pretend to be sorting through your locker so you don’t look like you’re trolling the wiener. But DON’T close in on another guy’s personal space. What he will see is a gigantic man eating penis coming straight at him with the intent to either chow down or beat him to death.


Common Sense

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm Goin Off The Rails On A Crazy Train... (Ozzy Osbourne)

Holy Shit! Talk about a hornet’s nest! Yesterday I voted “yes” in a Facebook poll asking if the president should be able to address school children without a response from the opposition. Immediately below that, I posted that I was “stunned that the Obama speech to children has become an issue. I hope the speech is brilliant and those in opposition are revealed to be the idiots they are. These people are really starting to piss me off......”

Get this. Those two entries generated a combined 49 comments (so far)! I had a busy day and couldn’t possibly respond to them all so I’m writing this blog. And I am going to offer up two links that pretty much say it all. The right is self destructing. Why this is happening (and I have said this before) is summed up beautifully in an article entitled “Republican Popularity Plummeting As They Continue Boarding The Crazy Train”. It speaks to the declining popularity of the GOP and points out it’s bastion of strength lies in southern white males. But even THAT is beginning to deteriorate. It states that 69% of the “Birthers” (you know, the nut jobs that insist Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii) are from the southern states. This is not good for Southerners. It’s not like they haven’t been trying to shake off stereotypical characterizations since the civil war. There are a lot of great people from the south. There are apparently also a lot of nuts (no, not peanuts… but those too). The article cites other examples of this phenomena and is an interesting read. Check it out here….


The second link is a letter from “Helen” to “Margaret”. Helen and Margaret have apparently been best friends for 60 years. The sight lists postings from both of them. It’s a lot of fun. Take a look. I will let you read the specific letter for yourself. Frankly, I don’t think I have anything to add. Helen says it all! She thinks the GOP has gone crazy too.


Many thanks to the high school friend who sent me the links in response to all the Facebook activity. This isn’t the first time I’ve used his stuff!

So, I’ve been asked how I would have felt if THE MORON had addressed our kids. What the fuck are these people talking about? Is there a President in recent history who never addressed our school kids in one way or another? THE MORON went into schools. THE MORON was reading to kids while we were under attack and didn’t seem to be in too big a hurry to STOP reading to check on the situation. I never uttered a peep when THE MORON read to or addressed children. And he was a MORON. Obama graduated Suma Cum Laude. He made the Harvard Law Review. He taught constitutional law. And these fucking lunatics have a problem with the guy but were perfectly OK with THE MORON. We need to start calling bullshit on these people. I mean it really is a form of insanity. The GOP agenda is being pushed along by crazy people. And my God are they stupid! When are they going to realize that they are making total fools of themselves?


Common Sense

Friday, September 4, 2009

School Daze.

I’m reading with mild amusement the arguments against President Obama’s scheduled speech to school children next week. That’s right, more fodder. Are these people really this stupid? What are they afraid he’s going to say? I thought maybe I would put together a list of things that should be forbidden so we don’t upset our conservative friends.

1. “If Mommy and Daddy voted for John McCain they don’t really love you”. Maybe it’s true. I mean an argument can be made that a vote for McCain was a vote for the same old shit and the same old shit wasn’t working. Therefore, the future may not have looked all that bright. And if the future doesn’t look bright, what’s in it for the kids? So I guess a vote for McCain really was a statement that you don’t love your kids. But it’s inflammatory so I hope he doesn’t say it.

2. “The last guy was going to do this but his advisors pointed out that English wasn’t his strong suit and most of you kids are smarter than him”. Also true. But divisive. Those on the right might find it unfair that their last guy could barely speak and the subsequent embarrassment would do nothing to increase support for the current administration so he should avoid any mention of THE MORON (my nickname for GW).

3. “Republicans are dumber than you”. Now, this is not always true. I know a lot of very intelligent Republicans. Some of them are stand up guys. But some of them are very greedy. And others might not be all that honest. But there are intelligent Republicans out there. We just don’t notice them that often because of all the idiots screaming about socialism, the funding of the illegal alien war machine, and the Godless Satanic Worship services that go on behind closed doors in the White House. So, even though it’s basically true, he shouldn’t say it. It might call even more attention to the morons which will incite other morons which could create some kind of “moron movement” which I’m guessing he is trying to avoid by speaking to school children in the first place.

4. “Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter are lying sacks of shit”. Uh... Wait. He can say that.

5. “I want to give a shout out to Ray, Squiggie, and Killa’, my brothers in ‘da hood”. Yeah, I think it would be hysterical. But the joke would go right over the heads of most Americans and the right would be screaming “See! We told you so!”

6. “Hello my little Jihadists! Salaam Alaikum!” I think the aforementioned Rush and Anne would have a field day with this. Another joke to be avoided.

7. “You know, when I was your age, I was in a Muslim school learning how to kill “Whitie”. See #’s 5 & 6 above. Jokes are not a good idea.

8. “Until I get this torture thing all straightened out, it’s probably legal for your dad to water-board you if you don’t fess up who ate the last of the Ben & Jerry’s”. We don’t want to panic the kids or give Republican dads any ideas.

9. “If your parents don’t support this new health care movement, what they are really saying is they want you dead!” Hey, it’s a little inflammatory.

10. “That Sarah Palin is one fine lookin’ ho”. See #’s 4, 5, 6, and 7 above.

Seriously, what could he possibly say that would be offensive or destructive? I mean, despite all the rhetoric, he's a father too! And a politician who probably wants to seek another term. What do these people think he is going to do? Get up there and incite a riot?

If Mr. Obama came out and said that the world would be a better place if Republicans and Democrats learned how to get along. That he really wants to do a great job for all Americans, not just Democrats. That the future of this great country is highly dependent on how well the kids do in school. That they should study hard and go to college. That they should prepare themselves to secure good paying jobs that make a difference in how we all live. That they should stay away from gangs, and drugs, and guns, and spend time at the library or playing sports instead. If he came out and said all these things, the right would, I’m sure, find a way to condemn him for it. And that’s a very sad thing.

I’m routing for you Mr. President.

Common Sense

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ask AARP.... They Know

OK, OK... I'm beating this healthcare thing to death. But it's not really about the healthcare. It's about the lies. So, I noticed an article in the AARP Bulletin, September issue, that addresses some of the "lies" being propagated about the proposed change. And yes, they call them lies. Rumors and lies actually. Now, can we even agree that the AARP is non-partisan? I mean, I have to believe that there are far more older conservatives than younger ones right? So one would suspect if the AARP has a political bias it would be towards the right. Is the right going to now classify the AARP as a mouthpiece for the liberal, communist, anti American, scum living among us? I don't want to be responsible for that!

Anyway, you can read the article here. http://bulletin.aarp.org/yourhealth/policy/articles/health_care_reform2.html

I'm going to try to post the link to the right under Links (duh) but I don't remember how I did that last one so who knows. You can read the detail in the article but here is the basic version.

"Will the government take over health care so we wind up with socialized medicine?"


"Will private insurance be outlawed or wither on the vine?"


"Will the government encourage euthanasia to save costs?" (I still can't believe there are people out there stupid enough to believe this... but I guess there must be or it wouldn't be an issue).


"Will Medicare be eliminated or gutted to pay for reform?"


"Will the government ration care?"


So there you have it. Let's call it the big 5. These do seem to be the rumors that circulate the most. They are certainly among the most quoted arguments against reform. So what does this tell us about the other arguments against reform? At the very least, are they not rendered suspect? And at the risk of sounding like a broken record (For you "younguns", a record was a vinyl platter that served the same function as a CD does today. When scratched, it often would repeat a brief section over and over again... thus the expression. Ask your parents...), why does the right feel the need to fabricate, exaggerate, and lie to get their points (are they points?) across? Isn't it a sad commentary on their ethics and morals? Not to mention the unfounded fear they seem to live with.

A friend of mine recently posted a great quote on his facebook page. It is a quote attributed to a Chinese writer named Lin Yutang (1895-1976). It says “When small men begin to cast big shadows, it means that the sun is about to set." I don’t know about you but this scares me. There are some pretty “small” men and women out there casting very big shadows. These right wing-nuts who base their entire political philosophy on misinformation and then choose to broadcast it all over the web and scream it at town hall meetings. The right wing pundits who spread fear, hate, and political lunacy in the hopes of turning the American public into the raving maniacs they have become. Many of my friends and acquaintances who are so full of anger and hate that they can’t seem to think clearly and argue rationally. These are all some pretty small men and women. Let’s just hope that our sun isn’t setting.

By the way, still no word from the right on specific issues within the Congressional bill with the one exception mentioned in an earlier post. I guess there either are none, these people can’t read, or they don’t want to admit to being lying sacks of shit.


Common Sense

Friday, August 28, 2009

From What I'm Told, God Forgives... Why Not You?

How long does one have to move beyond an incident before forgiveness is granted? Obviously the circumstances surrounding the rest of your existence will at least in part answer that. But assuming one lives decently and doesn’t do further harm when do you pass that threshold of forgiveness? How do those of you who hold a grudge reconcile holding that grudge for the rest of your life? Doesn’t that consume energy that might be better spent elsewhere?

When Ted Kennedy passed away this week, I posted on my Facebook page that I was mourning the loss of the last great Kennedy. I received a response that I had to be kidding. He should have been sharing a cell with OJ. OK, let’s think about this. When Teddy was a young man, he screwed up royally. He drove his car into a pond and someone wound up dead. A tragedy by any standard. He should have been held accountable. But there was money and political power behind him and he wound up with a slap on the wrist. That was 40 years ago. What has he done since? He dedicated his life to serving his country. He spoke out for the little guy. He was well respected on the Senate floor. I think he did his penance. How can you compare him to OJ? OJ murdered someone (OK, wink-wink…. allegedly….). What has OJ done since his wife and her companion were cut to pieces … wink-wink…. by some as yet undetermined scum sucking shit hole dweller? Why, he’s wound up committing another (oops… his first?) felony. How can you in any way compare him to Ted Kennedy?

Jane Fonda fucked up in her youth. She was against the Viet Nam war. She went to North Vietnam and palled around with the soldiers that were killing our young men. Wasn’t too bright a thing to do. But the Viet Nam war was even less popular than Iraq. There were protests (HUGE protests) occurring regularly all over the country. I’m guessing Jane was a probably looking for a little publicity. Well, she got it. She was, and remains, an activist. Sometimes activists get a little extreme. But it’s activists who helped get us out of Viet Nam, and pushed forward the civil rights movement, and campaigned for women’s rights, and made it hard to ignore countless other inequities in our system of governance and societal structure. And she has since apologized for what she did. And that too was 40 years ago. The woman is in her 70’s for crying out loud. When do we forgive her?

I think as individuals we need to look at some of our collective conscience and ask ourselves, as a nation, what the fuck are we thinking? You take a guy like Charles Manson. Now there’s a guy we don’t want to forgive. He’s as nuts today as he was when arrested. But Jane Fonda? Ted Kennedy? I ask you, if you were 20 something years old and screwed up like Teddy did, and your daddy had the money and the connections to keep you out of jail, what would you do? You bet your ass. You’d do anything it took to stay the hell out of jail. Was what he did right? Of course not. I would think a mistake of that magnitude would haunt you until the day you died (which is punishment in and of its self). Did he make up for it by putting in 40 some odd years of public service? At the very least, it’s a pretty damn good start.

So, I reiterate. I am mourning the loss of the last great Kennedy. I for one will miss, not only him, but what he represented to many of us. He was a man of great wealth who could have pretty much done whatever the hell he wanted, but chose to devote his life to public service. I salute you Teddy. And I forgive you.

Common Sense

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm Still Waiting

Since my last blog, I have discussed this health care issue at length face to face, via email, and on a forum I participate in (via email). Up to this point, I have had ONE specific response from a righty that may or may not be valid. He raised two points. One was regarding the tax that would be imposed on those that did NOT get health care. I read the section of the bill. He might be right. But someone pointed out in that forum that the tax would only apply to those making over 350 grand a year. And it would be 2.5% OR the averaged cost of a health care policy. If you are making 350 grand a year I think you can afford that. The jury is still out. The other issue regarded specific government involvement in allowing readmission into hospitals. Again, he may have a point. But frankly, the section of the bill that covers this is so heavily laden with legalese that I couldn’t decipher what the fuck it was talking about (And I will say I take issue with that. If you want the support of America on a bill, you need to write it using language the average American can understand). If we are talking about readmission because your cancer came back, that’s not a good thing. If we are talking readmission because you’re a hypochondriac with a headache and loose bowels, well stay home and take some aspirin and a tablespoon of Kaopectate. So, for the most part, my request for specifics is either ignored, brushed off, or blatantly defied as meaningless.

Here is my next question. How can you be so vehemently opposed to something that you have not taken the time to investigate? How can you speak out so strongly against something, and not have a single specific issue that you can identify as bad. How can you use words like socialism, entitlement, illegal aliens, lack of choice, when you haven’t taken the time to see if these things are really true? I guess you are either desperate to discredit the left, too lazy to do the work, or you are…. That’s right… a moron.

Speaking of morons, how about that Sarah “Failin” (my new nick-name for her… do you like it?). Here we have a woman who claims the health bill has provisions for “death panels”. When confronted, she stands by her claim. Of course, Failin is in a special class all by herself. She obviously believes the vast majority of Republicans are morons or she wouldn’t say some of the things she does. But she must be a moron too, or she wouldn’t say the rest of the things she does. So how do you combat that? If you come out and call her a moron, after she does something moronic, the other morons in the party will castigate you for calling her a moron.

Barney Frank is my new hero. You probably heard about his handling of a right wing-nut at a recent town hall meeting. She was playing the Hitler/Nazi card, likening the health care bill to something “Adolf the Nut Job German” would have implemented. He responded by telling her “When you ask me that question, I’m going to revert to my ethnic heritage and ask you a question: On what planet do you spend most of your time?” He went on to say “Trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table. I have no interest in doing it.” Is that awesome or what? Maybe we should get him and Sarah Failin in a room together for a chit-chat. I have twenty bucks that says he could reduce her to tears in a matter of minutes.

And then we have “Betsy Wetsy” Mcaughey (pronounced McCoy) who is insistent that there will be, well, she doesn’t call them death panels, but she insists people will be counseled on how to end their lives. I talked about her in a previous post when she made her outrageous claims on Fred “I want to be President, no I don’t, yes I do, no I don’t, yes I do, oh, nobody will vote for me so I guess I don’t” Thompson’s radio show. Back then I said the provision she was addressing said that every 5 years the elderly and infirm would be entitled to counseling on end of life decisions. Like those who can afford it are now. I went through all this when my mother passed away. So “Betsy Wetsy” goes on the Daily Show and Jon Stewart tells her exactly what I said. This nut job is still out there trying to convince us that this new bill will encourage euthanasia. And people believe her. I mean they must right? Or the Republican Party would tell her to shut the fuck up!

So, the challenge is still out there. If you oppose this bill, tell us why. Cite a specific passage of the bill and explain how it will turn us into godless, communist, swine. Kudo’s to the one guy who did. He may be the last reasonable Republican out there. At least he looked! But in over 1000 pages he only found two things that may or may not be issues. Be specific. I’m listening. I promised to list them in a future post and I will. But I haven’t gotten anything definitive yet. I will say if the concerns raised by the one guy are valid, I do have a problem with them. But I don’t think they are. Why? Because they are not in the spirit of the bill.

Common Sense

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Show Me

Man oh man is this health care debate getting on my nerves! All I hear from the right is how unbelieveably horrible it would become if the bill were to pass. Now, I've started to read the thing and here is my challenge to you.

Show me a section of the bill that is flat out bad. Reference it specifically. I want to read it and digest it. Maybe you will turn me. I have thrown this challenge out to my conservative friends and so far have not had ONE SINGLE SPECIFIC RESPONSE. I've heard things like "it will eliminate our right to CHOOSE healthcare". Well show me where it says that. I've heard "it will provide benefits to illegal aliens and we will have to pay for that". Show me where it says that. I've heard "we are becoming a socialist state". That isn't an answer to the question. It's a separate topic which I would be happy to debate, but in the meantime, show me something bad in this bill! Will somebody on the right PLEASE grant me this one request? Show me something bad!

I'll tell you what I am beginning to think. I'm beginning to think there may not be anything bad in this bill. I'm beginning to think that the right just can't stand the fact that a young, bright, African American might be on to something here. I'm beginning to think that if Obama made a proposal that would definitively bring peace to the Middle East, eliminate world hunger, and make everyone in America rich beyond their wildest dreams that the right would do everything in their power (which we already know includes lying, preying on the fears of the masses, and deceiving the less brilliant among us) to discredit the idea. Why? Because THEY DIDN'T THINK OF IT. Rush "I'm a Fat Bastard" Limbaugh already said it! He hopes Obama fails because if he doesn't, it will give credibility to the ideals of the left. The more the left succeeds, the less credibility the right has. If the right wants to regain a position of power, they have NO ALTERNATIVE but to do everything they can to insure the failure of the left. Because let's face it people, after the disaster known as the Bush Administration, any success enjoyed by the left could keep the right surpressed for years and years to come.

So show me something. I want to see a specific reference to a section of the bill that will prove to be disastrous (as the right would have you believe). Show me one. Just one. I will list them in a future post.