Friday, July 10, 2009

My Bad and Some Clarification

Well, it's been called to my attention that the pirate cruise is a hoax. Man am I bummed. I even did a Snopes check before I posted but apparently I beat Snopes to the punch (the latest update for them is July 6th... I posted earlier than that). Ah well, it was a fun fantasy. Maybe someone will formulate a startup business plan for one of my other ideas.

On a seperate note, I've received a ton of feedback (mostly verbal) on my views of driving in the "fast lane" (why do you think they call it that? ..... Hmmmmmmm, I wonder.....). Some abstract scenarios have been thrown at me so, to clarify....

If you are commuting, or driving a road that you are intimately familiar with, and you are BRIEFLY driving slower in the carpool lane because you KNOW the traffic is about to build up and it would be dangerous, or difficult to move from the slow lane to the carpool lane after that traffic buildup, well, I get it... Don't like it but I get it. I suppose you are not a total asshole if that is your reasoning (but you are bordering on it).

Some people were horrified that I would advocate breaking the speed limit. Well give me a fucking break. When I learned to drive I was "advised" to keep up with the flow of traffic. Think about it. If you are going along at 60 and everyone around you is doing 70, who's creating the dangerous situation? Sometimes we need to adapt to our surroundings. Are you that inflexible? Besides, if you are incapable of driving 70, you don't belong on the freeway. Take the backroads and annoy those people. I'm originally from New York. You are begging for an ass kicking if you pull that shit back there!

Now, about breaking the law. Anyone who tells me they have NEVER broken the law is full of shit. Ever litter? Talk on your cell phone while driving? Not wear your seatbelt.. even briefly? Drive your bicycle on the sidewalk? Ride your bicycle without a helmet? Jaywalk? Cut that yellow traffic light a little close? Do a "california stop" at a stop sign? You get my drift. By the way, if you live in the state of Washington, and you are doing the speed limit or less on a single lane road and holiding up 5 (6?) or more cars, YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW (look it up if you don't believe me). Everything is relative. I think that's why when you get caught speeding you get a TICKET and pay a FINE and don't get immediately hauled off to JAIL. So, if you want to preach about breaking the law, go preach to Charles Manson.

And then there was the guy who teed off on me in a comment following the post. He makes some interesting points. Read it for yourself. He is EXACTLY the type of person the post was directed at. I couldn't ask for better validation than that.


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