Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Those Lying Sacks of Shit.....

I have taken some grief from my conservative friends for being too liberal. I am not. What I am is “anti-right”. Big difference. There are a myriad of tests and quizzes you can take online that place you in a category on the political spectrum. I recommend them because they are fun, and they help you to see yourself in what might be a new light. Every test I have taken puts me in the “centrist” category. Now, it also puts me on the left side (sometimes the left edge) of Centrist. So I certainly lean in that direction. But this assumption that I am a radical lefty is erroneous. I believe that radicals on either side of the political fence are at best, blind to reality and at worst, on the insane side of the sanity spectrum.

There is currently an ad being run by “Move On”, a somewhat radical organization of democrats that I believe rose out of the furor caused by the Bush administration. They are running a series of ads against targeted Republicans. One of these Republicans is Dave Reichert, a senator from Washington where I live. It claims that Mr. Reichert accepted over $100,000 dollars in special interest money (health Insurers) and then voted with those special interests against health care reform. I looked into Mr. Reichert’s campaign finances and was unable to find over $100,000 of those dollars. I did find approximately $40-50,000.

Now, I won’t crucify Mr. Reichert (yet) for accepting that money. I might crucify him if it influences his voting record though (and I'm still looking into that). And I will crucify Move On if they intentionally fabricated, or in some other way “creatively enhanced” the dollar amount to justify their rants. Blatant lying for the purpose of forwarding a political agenda should be illegal. It is beyond me why we allow politicians and the parties they belong to to get away with it.

Which leads me to my real rant. Once again, the political right has been exposed as the despicable, rotten, lying, immoral, scum bags (for lack of a better term) that they are. Max Cleland’s book, "The HEart Of A Patriot" has been getting some press over the last few days. Max was a Senator from the state of Georgia. He lost his seat in 2002 to his Republican challenger Saxby Chambliss. As he puts it, the “Karl Rove political machine” ran a smear campaign putting his picture up next to Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Called him unpatriotic. Listed his voting record on Homeland Security. But here’s the rub. Max voted in favor of THE MORON being able to put us into Iraq. Max is also a Viet Nam veteran who lost his right arm and both legs to a grenade explosion. He enlisted to go serve his country. Was NOT drafted. When he got home and fought through his post traumatic stress, he decided public service was the way to go. There is an interview with him on NPR here...

Throw this in with the Swift Boat campaign against Kerry. How anyone with any moral character can stand with a party that would intentionally call into question the patriotism of an honorable war veteran is beyond me. Showing his picture with the two most notorious “villains” at the time is just fucking heinous. The entire party should be ashamed of themselves. I didn’t care for John McCain. I especially didn’t care for him after he picked that bimbo as his running mate. But I would never, under any circumstances, question his patriotism or he dedication to this country. Why? Because I’m not a despicable, rotten, lying, immoral, scum bag.


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  1. You may argue with McCain's politics, but you can't deny his courage and would likely admire most of his principles. You might also put Chuck Hagel in the same class. The anti-Cleland ad run by the ultimately victorious Saxby Chambliss was immediately condemned by Republican Senators John McCain of Arizona (who said of the ad, "[I]t's worse than disgraceful, it's reprehensible") and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska (who threatened to run an ad denouncing Republican officials if they didn't pull it off the air).

  2. No one put Cleland's picture alongside Bin Laden & Hussein. He's perpetuating an urban legend that the Dem minions are happy to pass along. No one questioned his patriotism & Saxby Chambliss went out of his way during their last debate to praise his service while questioning his decision making abilities (there's something wrong with listing votes on homeland security? Should we keep Dem votes quiet until after each election?)

    The ad is all over the internet. Check youtube. Once most liberals, ahem anti-righties, see it, their argument switches from 'they had him on screen with...' or "they morphed..." to something else (never saying, "wow, what I was told was wrong"), is what it is.

    As he went along his campaign waiving that victim flag "look at how mean they're being to the cripple", Georgians were reminded of the kind of party hack that Max Cleland really was/is.

    Which is why he was basically fired by the voters and would be fired again were the vote to be held today. That citizen Cleland is a bitter person is fine, as long as he's comfortable realizing that he'll always and forever more continue to be citizen Cleland and will never again be Senator Cleland (unless he moves to Berkeley).

  3. You might want to do a little research before you start spouting the DNCC talking points:

  4. I should have posted the website I used to obtain the quotes from Hagel and McCain (who i voted for in 2008)

    I think Doug makes an important point - attack ads that use innuendo have no place in an advanced democratic society. Unfortunately we can no longer lay claim to that title.