Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting To Know Yoooou, Getting To Know All About Yoooou.....

How exciting! My very first blog post! I read the news, engage in dialogue with friends, listen to the carefully scripted babble of our politicians, observe the "goings on" around me and the human condition, live my life as a husband, father, and member of our great society, and find myself needing an outlet to vent, express myself, and shout out that we are all nuts living in a crazy world that makes very little sense when you boil it all down. At least not for the average person. I'm guessing that 95% or more of the human beings on this planet are in some way getting screwed. Probably more than 95%. Yet I still refer to our society as great. Well, great is a relative term. Breaking your arm is going to seem great if compared to decapitation. So I do believe that here in America, we have a great society. Beats the shit out of living in Somalia don't you think?

So I will be expressing myself in future posts. I was not an English major. My spelling and grammar are not stellar. My opinions are just that... opinions. I'm really not an expert on very much at all. But I view that as a potentially good thing. Experts tend to be rather set in their ways. There are a lot of advantages to being an outsider looking in. It provides a rather clean slate for development of thoughts that are not necessarily clear to our so called experts. And one thing that bothers me about experts is their self proclaimed value. Frankly, I don' think a lot of things are anywhere near as complex as the so called experts would have you believe. But if we all find out they aren't that complex, we won't need those experts now will we. So they paint these complicated pictures that the average person has trouble viewing and comprehending and then ask us to just trust them. After all, they are experts. They know best.

So, just a little about me. Currently I'm a stay at home dad. I spent around 25 some odd years in corporate America. I rose to the level of middle management (with no desire to rise higher) and then did a brief stint in sales. I own a rental property with two business partners. Ultimately, I want to own a small business that can potentially grow into a large business. My wife and I are working on that right now. I am definitely a liberal. But I'm not as liberal as my friends think I am. I'm really more "anti-right" than liberal. You can decide for yourself as time goes on what my true political beliefs might be but liberal works for now. I've always been athletic, but age has taken it's toll and although I'm hardly "old" I am old enough to have begun falling apart. I try to work out regularly but I eat like shit so I'm still fat. I play in a classic rock band but blues is my favorite genre. I ride a Harley. I rode Hondas in my youth and always wanted a Harley. Finally made it happen in 2005. And I ride a lot. Almost 10,000 miles a year (which is a lot for a guy with the commitments associated with being a husband and father). I dabble in golf. Used to be a golf junkie but the time required to be a golf junkie is excessive and that caused problems with the rest of my life. My strongest sport was basketball but my knees and hips are shot so that's now something that is in my past (but I can still shoot...) What else can I say? I'm nothing special. Certainly not to you. But I have all these things circulating in my head and have just decided I need to get them out so....

Stay tuned. I look forward to sharing myself with you and I really look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on my thoughts and comments. I suspect there will be lots of fodder to keep this thing going for a long time (not to ignore the fact that many of you are solid logical thinkers... but frankly, I do believe we have become a nation of morons). I am going to try to post daily but hey, I get lazy so who knows. What I can guarantee is controversy. I have a large degree of tolerance for those that disagree with me when they make sense. I have little if any tolerance for opinions based on false propaganda and inane beliefs.


Common Sense

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