Thursday, August 19, 2010

And The Beast Shall Rise

OK, so maybe this Tea Party is on to something. During the course of research for another piece I’ve been considering I came upon this very revealing perspective written by a guy named Bobby Joe Ricky Bobby Joe. Spelling aside, he has uncovered what may very well be the first video taped declaration of hate against the West by radical Islam. And he provides a link to the video to prove it. I must admit, I was not only impressed by the detail of his analysis (again, spelling aside) but found the video to be frightening to say the least, especially as I considered his interpretation of the veiled threats, abstract representations, and the closing prediction that the West will be covered by the blanket of Sharia Law when the Muslim world unites in it’s quest to become the one true religion. I have reprinted, with permission, Bobby Joe Ricky Bobby Joe’s insightful look into this rare and revealing film, along with a link to the film itself. I encourage you to examine both and draw your own conclusions.

Hate Is Gonna Mess Us Up
By Bobby Joe Ricky Bobby Joe

Hello Amerika. My name is Bobby Joe Ricky Bobby Joe and I am a proud member of the tee party. The tee party is a hootin and hollerin for Bobby Joe cus Bobby Joe dun found himself PROOF that Muslimville has been invadin Amerika for a long long time. I seen a videeo that proofs it and you can see it for yourself when I finish tellin y’all about it.

This videeo been around for a long long time. It’s in black and white. You can tell its frum Muslimville cus the muslimville peeple decoorated it with dessert stuff like you was in a ohaysus or a waterin hole in the dessert. You can tell frum the way the Muslimville peeple is dressed that they is frum Muslimville. The leeder is the one that does the talkin and he has a beerd and evrything. He be warin a muslimville hat and his friends in the videeo are warin muslimville cloths. It’s very Muslimville.

There are pom trees in the videeo and tents. Muslimville peeple live in tents. At leest they did back then. I think thay do now to but I don’t know that for sure. Maybe caves now. But maybe the pictures are caves and not tents. I don’t no. You tell me. An peerahmids (is that how you spell peerahmid?). Thay hav lots of peerahmids in muslimville. Or are the peerahmids caves or tents? I caint tell. You tell me.

So, the head muslimville guy sings a song. I sed he does the talkin but I gess he does the singin really. Thayre tricky these muslimville peeple. I had to lissen to it a bunch o times to figgur it out but thay koodint fool Bobby Joe Ricky Bobby Joe! It starts off with some muslimville lady called Mahdi talkin to anuther muslimville person called Haadi (these Muslimville peeple have funy names that all end in di or med or ma like Haredi, Mahdi, Ockmed, Allamed, Ossama, Obama (whuts that tell ya!), and shit like that… that’s how you no thayr frum muslimville). she tells Mahdi that she saw this really big animal like a bare with horns or maybe a furry white tale buck but you no it’s a animal from muslimville cus it has a beard like the leeder in the videeo. I think it cums from hell cus it sownds nasty!

So then Haadi looks at Mahdi and says thay shouldn’t take chances with white tale bucks from hell and had best hi tale thayr asses over to 7-11 (Theyr called L-7's in muslimville cus thay don’t use Amerikan letters and numbers over there) to do the go away wite tale buck from hell dance (this is allso how muslimville peeple started buyin all the 7-11’s. Its ware the first go away wite tale buck frum hell dance happened and so thayr reeligun says thay shood spend time in 7-11s).

Well this is ware it gets intrestin. Mahdi looks back at Haadi and says yeah, thay need to go find a sheep to make a wool blanket so they can pull it over all the infadells (they be peeple who aint frum Muslimville) and make them all be like muslimville peeple! Yeah, that’s rite! They gonna rap us up in wool Muslimville blankets and turn us all into muslimville peeple! The muslimville guy says it! He says blah, blah, blah, pull the wool with you! Yep, pull the wool with you! That meens pull the muslimville blanket over the rest of us and make us muslimville peeple.

Now, you gotta be smart to heer all this. Haadi and Mahdi don’t nessisssarehlee say that just like I did but that’s my point! That’s wat I’m tryin to tell you! Bobby Joe Ricky Bobby Joe aint stoopid! I no wat those Muslimville peeple are reely sayin and so shud you! You just look at the videeo and tell me ahm rong! I aint rong. Ahm rite! The muslimville peeple see the wite tale buck frum hell and he tells them to go to 7-11 to dance the go away wite tale buck frum hell dance so they do (that’s the dance they are dooing in the videeo with all the jumpin and movin and swayin frum side to side… thay look like a bunch of ants under a magnafryin glass!) Then the wite tale buck frum hell com moons to them that thay need to get a wool blanket pull it over the peeple who aint frum muslimville and make them muslimville peeple or kill them! The hole time thay be singing this muslimville language stuff like this.... woooo. laybooo. laywoo. layboo. laywoo. Laybooo. Laywoo. Layboo. Lay! its reely scarey!!!!

The last thing that I no about the videeo is that the muslimville peeple WANT to kill us or pull a blanket over us. They will LIKE it. I no this becus they are smiling and laffin and carryin on dancin that go away wite tale buck frum hell dance and just havin a grate time all threw the videeo! Damn Muslimville peeple.

So thare it is. The first videeo from muslimville that says we hate you peeple who are not from here and were goin to change the hole world into Muslimville or smother you in a muslimville blanket! If you want to see the videeo, go to yore compewter and tipe in this address……

Then watch out for the muslimville peeple frum muslimville!


Bobby Joe Ricky Bobby Joe, Tee partee person.

So there you have it. Another brilliant revelation coming out of the right. Be careful out there.


Common Sense

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